Alpha 0.1.8

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Alpha 0.1.7 Version History Alpha 0.1.9
Alpha 0.1.8
Version Details
Type Alpha
Release Date December 20 2018

Alpha 0.1.8 was the eigth patch introduced to Temtem.


  • Using a Medicine item is now improved, and will show which Temtem are able to receive the item.
  • Medicine item usage now sounds in battle.


  • Fixed some cases where Temtem didn’t disappear when being knocked-out.
  • Fixed some more cases where the Luma particles didn’t render properly.
  • Learning a Course will now get you back to the Backpack.


  • Tsunami Stamina cost decreased from 26 to 25.
  • Tsunami Damage decreased from 80 to 70.
  • Tsunami Synergy Damage decreased from 90 to 80.