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Arbury (”The Alma Mater”) is an island in Temtem. Its pride is its University. The fierce dons of Lochburg swear by their Melee Temtem, against the sophisticated Properton academics, who favour Mental Temtem.

It also rains a lot, if not every single day.

Arbury has traditionally been considered a melancholy land of constant rain, rolling green hills and endless academic quibbles. While the weather is certainly wet and the rivalry between the two Colleges of the University is legendary, Arbury is more than the clichés make of it. As the prime educational spot in the Archipelago, many serious Temtem tamers come to the Victorian streets of Properton or the Gothic alleys of Lochburg to hone their skills.

In Arbury, regions are states of mind. It’s only natural that the brainy dons of Properton College favour Mental Temtem, some of which are reputedly so intelligent they can hold philosophical debates with the academics. Conversely, the powerful Melee Temtem of southern Arbury are natural best mates with their rowdy Lochburg tamers. As for visitors, whether they prefer to contemplate the romantic shores of Loch Adúar, hunt along the pleasant Meadowdale or splash in the bogs of the Mudshire Marshes, they are always welcome to a cup of tea or a pint of stout – and a Temtem battle to boot!

~ Kickstarter Update #15

Interactive Map[edit]

This map shows locations for a number of different categories. it is possible to filter for wanted categories on the top left of the map window.

Please be aware that this map is work in progress.

Filter explanation:
Activities: This category displays the location of special shops, repeatable activites and special features.

Gears: Item locations which are found under the Gear tab in the inventory.
General Items: Item locations which are found under the Items tab in the inventory.
Key Items: Item locations which are found under the Key items tab in the inventory.
Landmarks/Towns: Locations of towns, routes and caves.
Main Quest: Location of each quest step of the island's main questline.
Medicine: Item locations which are found under the Medicine tab in the inventory.
Performance Items: Item locations which are found under the Performance tab in the inventory.
Side Quests: Locations for quests which are not mandatory to progress the story.
Sticker: Locations for the StickTem! album. Technique Course: Item locations which are found under the Technique Course tab in the inventory.
Teleport Node: Teleport Node locations. The Matter-Transfer Drone is required in order to register the nodes.
Temcards: Item locations which are found under the Capture tab in the inventory.
Temporium: Temporium and Mini-Temporium locations.

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Towns and Villages[edit]



  • Arbury is heavily inspired by England, more specifically the university city of Cambridge. Some placenames are also Scottish.