Archipelagian Solidarity

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Archipelagian Solidarity
Archipelagian Solidarity Start.png
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Satoru
Requirements None
Reward 5000Pansuns.png

Archipelagian Solidarity is a Side Quest.


Speak to Satoru in the southern area of Neoedo, where he is addressing a crowd.


  • Address the gathering and motivate them!


Address the gathering and motivate them![edit]

This quest gives a varying reward depending on correct answers. It may only be attempted once.

The first question matters make sure you address the whole audience as all of Cipanku. The first two responses you give will not matter, as you will end on

  • Let me tell you what happened in Kisiwa...

The correct responses for the rest are as follows

  1. ...Jino Gap (Option 1)
  2. Operation Tusk. (Option 2)
  3. General X (Option 3)
  4. We all need to work together! (Option 2)
  5. Support the Congress! (Option 2)

The amount of PansunsPansuns.png rewarded is based on the number of questions that you get wrong. Depending on the number of wrong questions you will be rewarded with 5000Pansuns.png, 2500Pansuns.png or 1000Pansuns.png. If you get all of these questions wrong, you will only be awarded 10Pansuns.png.


  • None.


The player encounters an individual known as Satoru, who wants the player to help them convince the crowd to join the Archipelagic Congress to fight Clan Belsoto. Satoru advises the player to speak to the crowd of the events that transpired in Kisiwa, focusing on the positives and how the crowd can help.

The player then launches into a speech, asking the citizens of Neoedo (and Miyako) to join the Archipelagic Congress and recounting the events of The Battle of Kisiwa and ending with a plea for everyone to work together.

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