Coda: The Archtamers

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Coda: The Archtamers
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests The End of Innocence
Next Quest Coda: Routine Case
Coda: The Peacemaker
Coda: The Jubilee
Coda: The Rogue
Coda: The Legend
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Carlos
Requirements Completed The End of Innocence
Reward Weekly Archtamer battles

Coda: The Archtamers is a Main quest and is begun after completeing The End of Innocence It will appear in your quest log and suggest talking to Carlos to find the Archtamers.


  • Brainstorm how to find the Archtamers with Carlos at Neoedo.
  • Find the Four Archtamers and challenge them to a duel!


You will find Carlos in the Neoedo Dojo next to Dr. Sasaya. After some light conversation and letting him know you're searching for the four Archtamers, he helps you think of a plan to find each member of the elusive band. As the conversation is winding down, he lets you know that he had been approached about a new detective case which he is passing on to you!

You will be given new objectives to find Naolin, Nalla, The Stowaway, and Endaira. After completing Coda: Poisoned Legacy, and the quests to find them, they gather in the Archtamer's Sanctum on Tamer's Paradise where you are able to challenge them to battle!