Drill Impact

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Drill Impact
Nothing does armor piercing damage like a drill to the head.
Technique Details
Type Neutral
Class Physical
Damage 100
STA Cost 23
Hold 0
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Single Other Target

Drill Impact is a Physical Neutral Technique.


Drill Impact deals damage to a single other target.


Level up[edit]

No. Temtem Level
#005 Halzhi.pngHalzhi 32
#006 Molgu.pngMolgu 32
#025 Fomu.pngFomu 27
#026 Wiplump.pngWiplump 27
#031 Rhoulder.pngRhoulder 76
#054 Gyalis.pngGyalis 32
#113 Ganki.pngGanki 22
#114 Gazuma.pngGazuma 22


  • Referred to as "DI" by the Temtem community.

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