Early Access 0.5.15

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Early Access 0.5.15
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date March 12th, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-5-15/

Early Access 0.5.15 is the 15th patch to be released for Temtem since it's Early Access release. This patch focuses on fixing many different bugs and glitches.


  • Fixed Temtem over the Tamer Cap going to the Squad if the TemDeck was full.
  • Fixed Max’s second battle not being triggered under certain circumstances while on co-op.
  • Fixed players getting stuck before arriving at Nanga under certain circumstances while on co-op.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed a picking item animation on the Tamer Info after starting the game.
  • Fixed friend requests not being deleted after a character deletion.
  • Fixed Temtem being translucent in battles after a reconnection.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing to check if an egg contains a Luma Temtem.
  • Fixed altar’s cinematic being triggered by both players while on co-op.
  • Saipark’s MiniTemporium now will be triggered as a Smoke Bomb point and it is now displayed in the minimap.
  • Fixed a lighting bug in the Saipark near the fountain.
  • Fixed being able to open some UIs while taking the Lift in Omninesia and not being able to close them after.
  • Fixed being able to cross the bushes in Omninesia’s Dojos after breaking a co-op party.
  • Fixed being able to skip the cultist leader while on a co-op party.
  • Fixed screen resolution incorrectly swapping after choosing not to save the changes.
  • Fixed being able to skip part of the Giant Banyan’s cinematic by triggering a battle earlier than intended.
  • Fixed an incorrect camera when using Tsunami with synergy.
  • Fixed cinematic bars not disappearing on the prison cinematic.
  • Fixed Stowaway disappearing in one frame after receiving the clothes for the prison quest.
  • Fixed the Stamina bar visual cue not being removed after using a technique with a hotkey.
  • Fixed being able to squeeze through Quetzal’s guards.
  • Fixed holds not being displayed empty at the start of a battle under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed being able to stick a blocking NPC when spamming the interaction with them.
  • Fixed being able to skip a blocking NPC after using a smoke bomb.
  • Fixed a blur visual bug while changing the video quality on Settings.
  • Fixed some occasions where the following Temtem didn’t want to stay with its tamer and wandered to the infinite.
  • Fixed untamed Temtem losing its current status conditions after failing to capture it if the Temdeck was full.
  • Fixed being able to skip certain NPC battles when starting a co-op party.
  • Fixed battle camera not restoring correctly to the idle pose after the co-op partner disbands the party.
  • Fixed getting stuck after evolving a Temtem while seated.
  • Fixed being able to sit on incorrect places when spamming the movement buttons.
  • Fixed being able to cross a fence in the Commune when sitting.
  • Fixed eggs being able to learn technique courses.
  • Fixed incognito hat not being replaced by the default cosmetic after defeating Yareni.
  • Fixed Mirroring not displaying the damage properly when using Chain Lightning.
  • Fixed being able to release a Temtem on a Temdeck box that was still loading.
  • Fixed being able to battle or trade while starting the prison quest.
  • Fixed a co-op sync issue when one player was sitting and the other one enters a cinematic.
  • Fixed Tamer details not working after a player search if there were another Tamer details opened before the search.
  • 👥 Fixed player movement not being properly synced between players.
  • 👥 Tweaked the player movement against NPCs in order to avoid several stuck situations behind them.
  • 👥 Fixed being stuck in a battle after using a TemCard while carrying the Four-Leaf Clover and a Balm while carrying the Squeezer in the same turn.
  • 👥 Fixed not being able to get the Fire Chip when closing the game after defeating the Lab Assistant.
  • 👥 Fixed following Temtem disappearing and appearing after moving around two other Temtem of the same species in the Squad.
  • 👥 Fixed Rampage’s incorrect Synergy type in the description.
  • 👥 Fixed Vulvir’s incorrect jumping animation.
  • 👥 Fixed a Saipark’s grass patch not being displayed in the minimap.
  • 👥 Fixed Windward Fort’s top floor using the same SFX as the rest of the floors.
  • 👥 Fixed FreeTem’s minimap orientation.
  • 👥 Fixed a visual bug displaying an incorrect battle enter trait.
  • 👥 Fixed Adoroboros’ Synergy Master trait not being triggered while carrying a gear.
  • 👥 Fixed incorrect information displayed on the quest log for “The colors of the Archipelago” quest.
  • 👥 Fixed getting softlocked while opening a tutorial after picking an item.
  • 👥 Fixed frozen effect being displayed when throwing a Temcard if one of your Tems was frozen.
  • 👥 Fixed evolution’s cancel button appearing outside the evolution scene.
  • 👥 Fixed some circumstances where players couldn’t throw a Temcard while on a co-op party.
  • 👥 Fixed the quest traded Taifu having Ukama’s egg techniques.
  • 👥 Fixed being able to open the mines ancient gate before picking up Shuine's Horn.
  • 👥 Fixed a Temtem not being displayed as knocked-out after getting knocked out by poison and after leveling up while on a co-op party.
  • 👥 Fixed player names disappearing near the Cenote’s waterfalls.