Early Access 0.6.16

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Early Access 0.6.16
Version Details
Type Early Access
Release Date November 12, 2020
Notes https://crema.gg/temtem/temtem-0-6-16/

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.


  • Tems avoiding damage due to a trait will no longer perform the animation of being hit.


  • We’ve made some changes to Radars:
    • Rare Tems’ radars now generate new spawns faster, approximately twice as fast as it originally was. We know this is one of the biggest issues the community had raised about radars and we understand that. Our goal with rare Tems is that they should be, in fact, rare and since radars remove a bit of that rarity we wanted to include something that would require more dedication to get them but in the end, it was overturned.
    • Related to the previous point, the Loot Pools for radars have been tweaked to reflect the rarity of the Temtem they spawn. Up until now, every radar had the same chances to drop so 5% and 10% radars were a bit too common. With this change, rare Tems’ radars will now be a bit rarer while common Tems’ radars will now be a bit more common.
    • Both changes will take action right after the patch, including faster spawn times for those who have an active rare Radar right now, and different drop rarity for those who still don’t have a radar this week.


  • 👥Fixed the performance issues that were causing lag and FPS drops.
  • Fixed a softlock caused by delivering a Postal Service package to an NPC called Tucmani Curator.
  • Fixed the brightness being higher than in previous patches.
  • 👥Fixed a softlock if, during a match, a Kinu died due to the Protector Trait and the player used that same turn to revive it.
  • Fixed backpack TC/ETC items bugging if the user reconnected right after choosing the ability slot for said ETC/TC.
  • Fixed a blank system message when disbanding from a co-op party.
  • 👥Fixed dyes being lost if you removed other dyes from a 4-slot dye cosmetic.
  • Fixed a case where the type required for a Synergy wasn’t appearing properly in the attack details.
  • 👥Fixed a case where zooming into one end of a given zone using the keyboard or the controller, and then do a quick flick of the mouse, we’d suddenly be snapped back to the map center.
  • Fixed accidentally selecting the first Temtem from the next box when trying to select a Tem at the same time you changed boxes.
  • Fixed cosmetics not being visible when worn if it was a recently obtained one.
  • Fixed the egg timer blinking if you closed the chat or a tab menu.
  • Fixed the key references in tutorial pop-ups having wrong spacing in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
  • Fixed references to keys in tutorial pop-ups appearing outside of the text box.
  • Fixed a mismatch in quest progress after removing it from the Quest Diary.
  • Fixed the Notifications tutorial not popping up.
  • Fixed a case where we’d get redirected from our Competitive Squad to our Squad after seeing the details of a Temtem.
  • 👥Fixed losing the required Pansun fee if we tried to edit a club name or short name with an already taken combination.
  • Fixed pop-ups not deactivating the interaction with the overworld. Gotta focus and read’em.
  • Fixed a mysterious scroll up and down every time you used a medicine item of which you had many. Spooky.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the icon to mark a quest would remain visible even when not selecting that quest.
  • Fixed other players still seeing us as AFK after we just used a smoke bomb after being AFK.
  • 👥Fixed some teeny tiny red and yellow spots in Skail’s luma model.
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused only the shadow of the UI to appear when opening and closing the Tempedia filter very fast.
  • 👥Fixed the Furniture tab appearing in the Vault and Trade menu even when all the items it contained were being used.
  • Fixed the surfing animation not being properly synchronized with a running animation.
  • Fixed the capture animation on Nidrasil.
  • 👥Fixed the Windward Kisiwa cableway door appearing red.
  • Fixed the Minitemporium in the Nuru Lodge working as a Co-op shop instead of a single player one.
  • Fixed a case with the new reporting feature where the reasons “RMT” or “Other” couldn’t be selected, and other reasons were giving an error.
  • Fixed some pointy shapes in Goolder’s model. Now it’s perfectly round and thicc.
  • Fixed a case where we could see the bait failing mid-air if we opened the menu right while starting to fish.
  • 👥Fixed getting stuck in battle if the Hopeless Tonic gear triggered in the same turn that the Temtem carrying it was about to faint because of status condition Doom.
  • 👥Fixed some differences between the mini-map and the actual locations.