Gone with the Sillaro

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Gone with the Sillaro
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Zadar
Starting NPC Clara
Requirements Surfboard
Reward TC001: Tsunami


  • Find the missing pendant...
  • Return the pendant to Clara in Zadar.


After talking to Clara on the eastern coast of Zadar, the player will need the Surfboard to be able to complete the quest. From Briçal de Mar, walk east to the Sillaro River. Ride your surfboard to the far east edge of the river and ride north until you find a piece of land with wreckage on it. Interact with the planks just north of the bushes on strip of land in the Sillaro River. Then return and speak with Clara in Zadar.



The item that starts Message in a Bottle is located on the same small island as the lost pendant.