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Prevents negative stat stage changes and the Cold Condition cold, Frozen Condition Frozen, Burned Condition burned, Poisoned Condition poisoned, and Doomed Condition doomed status conditions on the ally.
Impact Positive
Trigger Status Condition Applied to Ally / Stat Stage Change Applied to Ally
Effect Status Condition Prevented / Stat Stage Change Prevented

Guardian is a Status Condition and Stat Stage Changes affecting Trait. It's currently exclusive to Shuine.


Guardian protects the holder's ally from being inflicted with negative stat stage changes and the Cold ConditionCold, Frozen ConditionFrozen, Burned ConditionBurned, Poisoned ConditionPoisoned, and Doomed ConditionDoomed Conditions.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#122 Shuine.png Shuine Immunity Guardian

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