Incubator device

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Incubator device
Incubator device.png
Category Bag
Dye Slots 2
Sources Quest
Patch 0

Rarity Legendary
Tradeable No

Incubator device is a Bag Cosmetic.


Incubator device can be equipped to the player's bag slot, changing their appearance. It has 2 Dye slots. While equipped, the first egg in the player's party will be visible in the device and will hatch in half the time. If Egg Timer is active, the player will see the timer counting down faster.



  • Prior to Version 1.0, Incubator device's description was "A hi-tech prototype by Akihiro Labs, beta-tested by you! The first egg in your squad will hatch 100% faster."
  • Incubator device was the first cosmetic to offer a gameplay advantage. This is still the case as of Version 1.0.


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