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The island of Kisiwa

Kisiwa (”The Cradle of Humanity”) is a sun-drenched savanna. Windward Kisiwa boasts an unrivaled variety of Neutral Temtem, while Leeward Kisiwa the western deserts are home to the best Earth Temtem.

Kisiwa is the hilly cousin of Tucma, its main feature being the impassable Kilima Range that divides the island into two distinct halves. Hotter and dried than any of the other islands, Kisiwa features an unrivalled variety of landscapes. The eastern side has Vumbi and its famous dojo, as well as the wild Kusini Highlands beyond the Jino Gap, inhabited by a variety of Neutral Temtem. The only viable ways to cross the island are the tunnels excavated by the tireless Kisiwans – Chini in the wild southern solitudes and Juu in the north, near Lake Moyo and the capital city of Uhuru. The western deserts are deceptive in appearance, for they are home to many species of Earth Temtem.

Once warlike and divided, the tribes of Kisiwa have long been united under an informal but highly effective federation. The slow and dangerous rock-hopping route to Tucma has been replaced with an efficient airship service that transports people, goods and Temtem to and from the busy terminal at Uhuru. The Kisiwans, closely related to the Tucmani, are skilled Temtem breeders and trainers. They are hospitable and honourable hosts, and they value freedom and friendship above all.

~ Kickstarter Update #15[1]

Interactive Map[edit]

This map shows locations for a number of different categories. it is possible to filter for wanted categories on the top left of the map window.

Please be aware that this map is work in progress.

Filter explanation:
Activities: This category displays the location of special shops, repeatable activites and special features.

Gears: Item locations which are found under the Gear tab in the inventory.
General Items: Item locations which are found under the Items tab in the inventory.
Key Items: Item locations which are found under the Key items tab in the inventory.
Landmarks/Towns: Locations of towns, routes and caves.
Main Quest: Location of each quest step of the island's main questline.
Medicine: Item locations which are found under the Medicine tab in the inventory.
Performance Items: Item locations which are found under the Performance tab in the inventory.
Side Quests: Locations for quests which are not mandatory to progress the story.
Sticker: Locations for the StickTem! album. Technique Course: Item locations which are found under the Technique Course tab in the inventory.
Teleport Node: Teleport Node locations. The Matter-Transfer Drone is required in order to register the nodes.
Temcards: Item locations which are found under the Capture tab in the inventory.
Temporium: Temporium and Mini-Temporium locations.

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Kisiwans love to refer to anyone from strangers to close friends as "bwana". Their speech also reveals a form of Ancestralism, using various expressions involving "the ancestors". They praise them, ask them for guidance, and swear by them.

The most impactful moment of Kisiwan history happened three-hundred years ago: the unification of the Tribes. Led by Chacha Turay,


Towns and Villages[edit]




  • The region is mostly based on East African cultures. Most place names are Swahili.
  • The ancient people of Kisiwa developed the art of rock-hopping to get around islands.