Ludogastronomic Dissonance

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Ludogastronomic Dissonance
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC YaW
Requirements None
Reward Fake Beard

Ludogastronomic Dissonance is a Side Quest.


To start Ludogastronomic Dissonance, speak with YaW on level 2 of the Crema studio.


  • Go to the izakaya and get sandwiches for the team.
  • Bring the sandwiches to YaW at Crema Corp.
  • See if Prof. Victor has a game story ready.
  • Defeat Prof. Victor.
  • Get back to YaW.


  • Talk to YaW (Crema, Floor 2)
  • Talk to Cipanki barman (Izakaya 87 bar)
  • Talk to and battle Prof. Victor (Crema, Floor 3)
  • Talk to YaW, who gives you the Fake Beard


Fake Beard (given as a reward)

Bunch of sandwiches (obtained and given away during the quest)


YaW, one of the Crema team, wants sandwiches. Go pick them up at the bar and return them to him. His next request is for you to see if Prof. Victor, the Loremaster, has figured out a story for the upcoming Crema game; help Victor with the storyline, and then defeat him in a Temtem battle, and return to Yaw for your reward.


This quest is required in order to unlock Rubbertemin', Winners Use References and QAt the heck... quests.