Nutrition Bar

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Nutrition Bar
Nutrition Bar.png
When attacked with a technique, restores 5% of max HP at the end of the turn during the first 4 turns the Temtem starts the turn on the battlefield.
Category Gear
Subcategory PvP Gear
Usage Equip
Tradeable No

Nutrition Bar is a Gear Item.


At the end of the turn, Nutrition Bar causes the equipped Temtem to restore 5% of max health after being attacked by a damage-dealing technique this turn. This effect only lasts for the first 4 turns the Temtem is on the battlefield.




  • Referred to as "Nutbar" by the Temtem community.

Update History[edit]

  • Patch 1.5
    • This Gear won’t be activated after the holder receives damage anymore.
    • This Gear will be enabled at the end of the turn if the holder has taken damage that turn.
  • Patch 1.3
    • HP recovery reduced 6% ⇒ 5%.
  • Patch 1.0
    • Now only triggers when hit by a damage dealing technique.
  • Early Access 0.9.3
    • Healing reduced from 7% ⇒ 6%.
  • Early Access 0.8.2
    • Fixed Nutrition Bar only working for 3 turns instead of the correct 4.
  • Early Access 0.8
    • Introduced.