On Solid Footing?

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On Solid Footing?
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Coral Plaza
Starting NPC Salamasina
Requirements Cerneaf.pngCerneaf
30000 Pansuns.png
Reward Zadar family dining table

On Solid Footing? is a side quest and is begun by talking to Salamasina at the Coral Plaza in Citerior Omninesia. Throughout the quest, the player rescues a kidnapped shop owner and locates a engineer in hiding. After resolving the issues for the Myrisles Engineering Cooperative, they agree to help cover the cost of a new home.


  • Get a safety certificate from Myrisles Engineering.
  • Convince Kalei to end his vacation.
  • Investigate Kalei's hotel room.
  • Ask about Kalei at the Sirokos bar.
  • Bribe Ektli with a Cerneaf.
  • Meet with Ektli at the Malachite furniture shop.
  • Look for Kalei, west of Turquesa.
  • Convince Minos you are not a Belsoto.
  • Find "Headmaster Dolça" in Deniz.
  • Unmask Kalei at the Accademia.
  • Meet with Kalei at the airport and escort him.
  • Go back to Coral Plaza and rejoin Salamasina.
  • Buy a slot of land in Atoll Row from Salamasina.


After starting the quest by talking to Salamasina at the Coral Plaza, the player talks to Oliana inside the Myrisles Engineering Cooperative in Nanga. They then travel to the Arissola Palace in Arissola in Deniz, talk to the hotel receptionist, and then interact with the object near the TV in the hotel room upstairs, most north-eastern room.

The player then travels to the Sirokos Tavern in Turquesa and talks to Ektli, and then returns to Ektli to give him a Cerneaf. The player will not get the traded Cerneaf back. The player then travels to the Malachite in the Thalassian Cliffs. There, the player fights two successive battles.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Belsoto Kidnapper 2 Nidrasil.png Lvl. 30 Granpah.png Lvl. 25 121 Pansuns.png
Ektli Platimous.png Lvl. 33 Mudrid.png Lvl. 30 Gyalis.png Lvl. 30 Myx.png Lvl. 34 542 Pansuns.png

After beating the two, the player travels to the southern Sillaro River to talk to Minos. The player must select the following dialogue options to convince him they are not a Belsoto.

  1. (mid) Kalei, an engineer from MyrEng.
  2. (bot) Meeting a friend.
  3. (bot) Ektli.
  4. (top) At the Arissola Palace.
  5. (top) Surfing.

The player then travels to the Accademia in Briçal de Mar and talks to Headmistress Dolça, second floor western room. They then travel across to talk to Marcelino in the second-floor eastern room. Next, the player fights at the the Airship Terminal in Arissola.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Belsoto Agent Drakash.png Lvl. 28 Skunch.png Lvl. 28 Loali.png Lvl. 30 Azuroc.png Lvl. 31 Babawa.png Lvl. 30 763 Pansuns.png

After victory, the player travels back to Coral Plaza, talks to Salamasina, and spends 30,000 Pansuns.png to buy a plot of land.



The player begins by talking to Salamasina, the woman in charge of new developments in the neighborhood of Atoll Row. However, upon inquiring of properties, it seems the only available lots have no buildings on them--it would require the player to build their house from the ground up. In order to begin the construction, Salamasina needs a certificate of safety. This paper would ensure the land's safety, and that the recent eruption has not destabilized it. She points the player towards MyrEng in Nanga to get an engineer to visit the lot and create the certificate.

At the Cooperative, Oliana informs them that MyrEng is very backed up reinvestigating all the buildings in Omninesia because of the eruption, and so does not have time to send an engineer and create the certificate of safety. She mentions someone named Kalei who went on vacation just before the disaster, and if the player can find him and convince him to come back to work, she will pay him double. His vacation most likely takes place on Deniz, so the player heads there to investigate.

Beginning with the hotels, the player steps into Arissola Palace in Arissola, and talks to the hotel receptionist. She informs them that Kalei has been absent from the hotel for a few days. The receptionist describes him as very quiet and reserved, and also mentions he had a message delivered to someone from Deniz. They last saw him three or four days ago, fully dressed as opposed to his usual swim suit, but without luggage. His suitcases still await his room. Since Carlos cannot take the case, the player gains permission to investigate the room and obtains the key for his room.

Inside the room, the player finds a coaster from the Sirokos Bar, with "Fancy a drink for old times' sake? See you there at 9? -Ektli" written on the back. The date comes from a few days ago, so the player decides to investigate.

There, the player finds Ektli, who asks the player what they want with Kalei. After the player's answer, he decides that he only will give the player the information for a price. If the player, a tamer, brings them a Cerneaf, they will give them the information. After handing them over the Temtem, he says "we'll make good use of this" and expresses concern for their privacy. He invites them to meet him at his furniture shop the Malachite in the Thalassian Cliffs--it's very discreet.

Inside the shop they find Belsoto! The Ektli the player met at the Sirokos was an imposter, and stands beside the kidnappers of the real Ektli. After battling them and freeing Ektli, he explains the situation. Kalei, his old friend and specialist in islet-anchoring systems at Myrisles Engineering, often comes to visit on holidays, like last week. Kalei sent him a note asking to go for drinks, excited about a new anchoring technique, but as they left, Belsoto thugs attacked them. Kalei managed to get away. They ran after him, Ektli heard a splash, and they came back empty-handed. They interrogated Ektli and kept him prisoner in his own shop. They wanted to know where Kalei went, and searched the whole island for him, ending up resorting to impersonating Ektli to try and trap Kalei.

The player vows to find the missing engineer. Ektli only remembers hearing the splash into the water. He did not see where Kalei went, but assumes he went west. Before the player leaves, he gives them a nice table as a thank-you.

West of Turquesa, the player encounters Minos. He seems to know something about Kalei's location, but does not trust the player. They could be a Belsoto. He asks them a series of questions about Kalei and Dojo Master Sophia for the player to prove that they are honest. With correct answers, Minos tells the story of how they found Kalei. He was sodden and unconscious on their shore. Minos and his family nursed him back to health, but he was very agitated. He kept saying they were after him, that he could not stay, and that he was putting them in danger. They took him to Briçal de Mar in a rowboat in the middle of the night. He said he had a friend there, Dolça, and referred to her as "headmistress" once. Other than that, he has no idea of his whereabouts.

Having studied at the Accademia before, the recognizes the name and knows to look there. Headmistress Dolça says, after mistakingly calling the player Max, lies about knowing Kalei. After looking around closely at the different teachers, the player sees through Kalei's disguise as the teacher Marcelino. They convince him that they are trustworthy merely by their ability to find him. With Besoto eyes everywhere and the Airship Terminal in Arissola under surveillance, he has no way to return back to Omninesia. They would see through his disguise. They agree to excort him, and meet at the terminal.

Agents ambush them at the terminal, but the player fights them off. With Kalei safely out of Deniz, the player returns to Salamasina. She has a certificate of safety from Kalei, so the building can commense. The player simply needs to pay for it. At first, it seems the price will be 4,000,000 Pansuns.png, but Oliana explains that since they took personal risks to save a member of the Myrisles Engineering Coop from a ciminal organization, they will subsidize the purchase, and provide a building team, free of charge, for the house, bringing the final price down to 30,000 Pansuns.png. They pay and receive the deed, becoming an official land-owner.