Patch 1.2.2

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Patch 1.2.2
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Version Details
Type Full Release
Release Date February 2nd, 2023

Patch 1.2.2 is the fifth update to be released since the game's launch in version 1.0. It improves performance on the Nintendo Switch, makes changes to the dye system, and has many fixes!

Important notice[edit]

  • We’ve taken this chance to re-synchronize the status of the Tempedia and the Kudos. This should improve, and hopefully eradicate, any discrepancy between the Kudos that involve capturing Tems and Lumas, and your actual Tempedia number. This is an issue we’ve been after for a while, so please let us know if you still experience any bug with it.


  • We’ve improved the issue with crashes on the Switch.
    • Most of the crashes on Switch were happening due to memory issues. The game would use up all the memory available in the console (the amount varies depending on the console), and then it’d crash. We’ve implemented a series of optimization changes that will substantially ameliorate the current issues.
    • Crashes will still happen from time to time, but now that we’ve dived deep into the issue we will be carrying out more optimization in future patches, so as to improve performance even more.
  • 👥We have made some improvements and changes to the dye system:
    • We’ve added a confirmation pop-up when trying to apply a dye to a cosmetic.
    • We have added a confirmation pop-up when trying to remove a dye from a cosmetic.
    • Players cannot use the same dye twice in the same slot of a cosmetic; the game will now show a pop-up error when attempting to do so.
    • A preview of the dyes will now be shown at the Tamer Pass UI and the Premium Store UI.
    • We have added a new label to dyes in the Tamer Pass UI and Premium Store UI to clarify they’re a one-time use item.
    • Dyes were the source of a lot of community feedback and unrest. With these changes we hope to make the experience better and easier to navigate. This doesn’t mean dyes are coming back to the Premium Store, as we’re still deciding whether that’s the right place form them or not.
  • We have reworked Skail’s animations so they look better and our little dude has more prep in its step.
  • The Dulcimer instrument now has a new texture.



  • Stowaway no longer has a Temtem with the Straw Shield gear in their Archtamer pool.
  • We have reduced the Co-op bonus experience from 20% to 15%.
    • Since launch we’ve been monitoring the experience gained by playing alone and the experience gained by playing in Co-op, and we’ve come to realize the initial bonus we implemented was a bit too strong, and was causing an imbalance between the two. Tamers playing in Co-op were over-leveled and had an advantage over Tamers playing solo. We want to offer all playstyles a balanced and fair experience, so we’ve tweaked the percentage a little bit.
  • Wild Umishi and Ukama no longer have Water Blade in their move pool, following the changes made to these Tems in 1.2.1.


  • 👥Fixed a softlock when defeating the Digilair boss.
  • Fixed a case where players could get stuck in a black screen after a battle in some places, for example at The Highbelow.
  • 👥Fixed the chat automatically swapping to the Local tab when entering buildings or leaving combat.
  • Fixed the Tamer Pass’ Weekly Challenge about buying or selling at the Trade House for a value of 10k Pansuns, that could not be completed by buying before the fix.
  • 👥Fixed that Temtem on the fourth, fifth and sixth slot of a player’s Squad were receiving EXP and TVs through the Co-op Bonus even when that Temtem had the Ignoramus Cloak equipped.
  • Fixed not being able to clear the notifications that were sent manually by using the “Clear all notifications” button.
  • Fixed the scroll in the Cosmetics’ menu not working properly if there was an empty row at the end.
  • Fixed Tihani having two Temtem with the Sweatband gear.
  • Fixed the props of some emotes not being displayed in the Shop preview.
  • Fixed the emote Hear Ye not playing when being used.
  • Fixed the Settings’ UI overlapping with the Ranked UI that appears after a Ranked match if the Player had Settings opened while their opponent conceded.
  • Fixed that the Club Banner colors were being changed just by hovering over their icons instead of by clicking the buttons.
  • Fixed that, when changing cosmetics, the new one was keeping the old one’s dye colors for a few frames.
  • Fixed the description of the technique Lifeful Sap to better explain that it gives 5 turns of regeneration.
  • Fixed the description of the technique Hallucination showing the wrong status condition in the description.
  • Changed the name of the Magma Eruption seal to something that better reflects the seal animation. Only in English so far.
  • Fixed the Subscribe prompt appearing in sections of the Trade House where it doesn’t have functionality.
  • Fixed a typo in the title Surferfolk in English.
  • Fixed some localization bugs in dialogues with NPCs in Portuguese
  • Fixed level numbers overlapping the “Lv.” text when playing in French or Chinese.
  • Fixed that the “Ready for Picnic” table furniture was not localized in English.

Fixes, features, and improvements marked with the 👥 icon are originally suggested, inspired by, or reported by our community in our Forums.