Serbatiyo's Wrath

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Disambig.svg This article is about the technique . For the quest , see Serbatiyo's Wrath (quest).
Serbatiyo's Wrath
Only Oceara can tap into the mythical power of the serbatiyo to give itself SPATK +2 and unleash a devastating Water attack on the whole enemy team.
Technique Details
Type Water
Class Special
Damage 100
STA Cost 35
Hold 2
Priority 2_Normal
Targeting Other Team or Ally

Serbatiyo's Wrath is a Special Water Technique and a signature technique of Oceara. It's also a Technique Course, labelled as TC023.


Serbatiyo's Wrath deals damage to the rival team or the user's ally and gifts the user with SPATK+2.


Technique Course[edit]

No. Temtem TC
#115 Oceara.pngOceara TC023


  • Serbatiyo's Wrath's name is derived from Cervatillo (Fawn in Spanish).
  • Despite being a signature technique of Oceara, it can only learn Serbatiyo's Wrath through a Technique Course.

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