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The Tamer Pass is a timed event that you unlock various Customization options by gaining Tamer Pass experience. The cosmetic items from each pass enter the daily rotation on the Store one year after the pass has finished.

Weekly Challenges[edit]

Weekly Challenges that can appear on the free or premium track of the Tamer Pass. The value of X can represent either a Temtem species, number, or location depending on the individual challenge.

Weekly Challenges
Breed a X with an egg technique.
Capture and show a 5/5 Koish.
Capture one of the weekly Temtem species at Saipark.
Capture or hatch a X with at least one perfect stat.
Capture X untamed Tems.
Capture X untamed X.
Complete X Mythical lair run(s).
Complete 300 encounters successfully in a X radar.
Complete a Digilair run on any difficulty (Tamer's Paradise).
Complete a Digilair run with enough difficulty to obtain X Feathers (Tamer's Paradise).
Complete all the food parcel deliveries for X day(s).
Complete any Mythical Lair getting X or more Jewels.
Complete any Mythical Lair with a 3-player party.
Complete X Dojo Leader rematch(es).
Defeat X untamed Tems encountered through fishing.
Defeat X Holo Tamers in a DraftArena run (Tamer's Paradise).
Defeat X Holo Tamers in a GritArena run (Tamer's Paradise).
Defeat the Archtamers (Tamer's Paradise).
Defeat X Tems in ranked battles.
Defeat X untamed Tems.
Defeat X untamed Tems in a Temsafari run (Tamer's Paradise).
Gain access to X Dojo Park(s).
Instantly hatch a Temtem using an Incubator Ticket.
Purchase any extra Tamer's Paradise token (Tamer's Paradise).
Purchase or sell something in the Trade House for at least X pansuns.
Reach the end of the Evershifting Tower (Tamer's Paradise).
Ring the bell on any elevator.
Take a photo at X.
Use a dye to customize your clothes.
Win X ranked battle(s).

Tamer Pass XP[edit]

Tamer Pass that can be gained from repeatable activities. Tamer Pass XP is affected by Premium Pass XP boosts.

Tamer Pass XP
Activity Tamer Pass XP
Defeat an untamed Temtem 10
Capture an untamed Temtem 20
Defeat an NPC Tamer* 100
Complete a daily Postal Service run 50
Hand in a 4/5 Koish 710
Hand in a 5/5 Koish 1,400
Defeat a Dojo Master in weekly rematch 215
Defeat the Archtamers in weekly rematch 1,000
Complete DigiLair run on Tamer's Paradise 700
Complete a DraftArena run on Tamer's Paradise 8+ (XP gain determined by progress made in activity)
Complete a Evershifting Tower run on Tamer's Paradise 1,050
Complete a GritArena run on Tamer's Paradise 16+ (XP gain determined by progress made in activity)
Complete a Mythical Lair run 750
Gain access to a Dojo Park 540
Ranked battle victory 100-500 (XP gain determined by rank/TMR)
Dojo Wars battle victory 600-900 (XP gain determined by rank/TMR)
* Defeating NPC Tamers will only reward Tamer Pass XP up to level 25 of a Tamer Pass.

Current Tamer Pass[edit]

Season 3: Clash of Tamers[edit]

Clash of Tamers is a season centered around the spirit and fierceness of competition, of working hard to be better, and other epic themes. Expect fierce clothes, mounts covering the eras, and a lot of friendly rivalry! This season is available between the 13th of March 2023 and the 19th of June 2023.

Season 3: Clash of Tamers
Level Premium Reward Free Reward
1 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Battle Tones dye bundle
2 Boom, Baby! emote
3 Belsoto Dummy holo Race Tem!
4 Glory Laurels Glowing dye
5 Laurel wreath, curly
6 100 Novas Temcards banner
7 Multi-ribbed wallpaper
8 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost
9 Upcoming Champion
10 Triumphal 100 Novas
11 Oree ears
12 Rime Glowing dye
13 Gorong banner Jizamurai armored top
14 Come at Me! pose
15 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost
16 Radiatn Light Seal Olympic Rings dye bundle
17 Confused Vulvir holo
18 Cyberpunk top Heroic Fight pose
19 100 Novas
20 Frost Glowing dye Temcard Bite emote
21 Quetzal Spears banner
22 Fist Bump emote
23 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Urban Funky set
24 Finish Line Seal
25 Victory Banners podium
26 100 Novas Ranked holo
27 Eye of the Magmut
28 Renaming Voucher
29 Eldritch Curse Seal 100 Novas
30 The Tamerer pants
31 Cool Mastione holo
32 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Winner's Trophy shelf
33 100 Novas
34 Scourge of Tamers
35 Comfy Corner layout Victory Hues dye bundle
36 Legendary Warrior pose
37 PunchMe! boxing bag
38 Immortal Green-neck Renaming Voucher
39 Cool Bikerboy emote
40 100 Novas
41 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Knacker Init emote
42 Rock It
43 Super Temyan swag
44 Magmut banner Contestant
45 100 Novas
46 Amphatyr Glowing dye
47 Victorious Seal Quetzal Guard set
48 Dreamy Kinu holo
49 Tutsu banner
50 The Champion
51 Heartbeat Flickglow dye Drum Corps
52 Boxing gloves
53 Carved Skunch table
54 Grandmaster
55 100 Novas Medal of Glory Seal
56 I Know Kung Fu emote
57 Gladiator costume
58 Salty Bae swag
59 Trumpet Fanfare emote Quetzal Guard helmet
60 Mûgmut Steed 100 Novas

Previous Tamer Passes[edit]

Season 2: Days of Yore[edit]

Days of Yore was a medieval-themed Tamer Pass filled with imposing mounts, knights, bards, royalty, clergy and an old-timey new musical instrument. This season was available between the 5th of December 2022 and the 6th of February 2023.

Season 2: Days of Yore
Level Premium Reward Free Reward
1 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Steel and Leather dye bundle
2 Shuine Emblem holo
3 Murrey Lumalike dye Joust banner
4 Lumberjack Jack rucksack
5 Stately Dance emote
6 100 Novas Knightly Night loading screen
7 Full plate harness
8 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost
9 Sir/Lady/Noblefolk title
10 Court Jester banner 100 Novas
11 Mail hauberk
12 Gaillarde
13 Sable Lumalike dye Greenglen bandit cap
14 Invictus pose
15 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost
16 County Fair Seal Temtem Up! holo
17 Temcard Shield holo
18 Spangenhelm Heraldic Tinctures dye bundle
19 100 Novas
20 Purpure Lumalike dye Courtly Bow emote
21 Dynastic banner
22 Archery banner
23 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Refined doublet
24 Jester's cap
25 Boiling cauldron
26 100 Novas Fight Honorably pose
27 Horn Trouble
28 Renaming Voucher
29 Baronoal tiara 100 Novas
30 Swamp Beast Seal
31 Capyre Emblem holo
32 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Reinforced chest
33 100 Novas
34 His Lordship/Her Ladyship/Their Excellence title
35 The Goofball pose Medieval Arburian helmet
36 Aurum Lumalike dye
37 Rocking Valiar
38 Ancient Temtapestry Renaming Voucher
39 Jester's outfit
40 100 Novas
41 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost L-Kick emote
42 Saltarello
43 Trumpet Entrance Seal
44 Turoc banner Lowly Commoner title*
45 100 Novas
46 Savage Mockery swag
47 Cozy Space floorplan Highness
48 Adorable Momo holo
49 Monestry
50 Royal Crown banner
51 Golden Ecstasy Flickglow dye (x2) Kisiwan Walk pose
52 Horned double bed
53 Arburian shortbnow
54 Call Up
55 100 Novas Medieval Arburian plate
56 Instrument: Dulcimer
57 Eternal Warrior swag
58 Mouflank Steed
59 Lemme Take a Seat emote Arrow Hail Seal
60 Plate panoply 100 Novas

Season 1: Launch Party[edit]

Launch Party was the first Tamer Pass, filled with party themed clothing, titles, Temcard seals, holograms, competitive battle cosmetics, and a new musical instrument. This season was available between the 6th of September 2022 and the 4th of December 2022.

Season 1: Launch Party
Level Premium Reward Free Reward
1 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Autumn in Meadowdale dye bundle
2 Y-Yaaaaay!!!
3 Spark of 0b1 dye bundle Toast banner
4 Cuteboi t-shirt
5 Party Hard holo
6 100 Novas Launch Party
7 Ready for Picnic table
8 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost
9 Life of the Party
10 Sparzy banner 100 Novas
11 0b1 antennae
12 Cheering
13 0b1 Luma dye bundle Happy Day hat
14 Loserville, Population: You! pose
15 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost
16 Teleport Seal Mad Love holo
17 Celebr01e! holo
18 Starry top Springtime in Lochburg dye bundle
19 100 Novas
20 Xolot Acide Glowing dye (x2) Stronger Than Thou
21 Pigepic banner
22 Friendly Hug
23 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost It's me, Pagliacci
24 Sparzy helmet
25 Old Timer Popcorn Cart
26 100 Novas Victory is Mine! pose
27 Acid Wave vs Burning Land
28 Renaming Voucher
29 Harlequin Bottoms 100 Novas
30 Da Party Seal
31 Sparzydab holo
32 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Pub-style darts
33 100 Novas
34 Partyboi!/Partygal!/Partyfolk!
35 Tee-hee I Won! pose Summer in the Sillaro dye bundle
36 Maroon Flash Lumalike dye (x2)
37 Denizan table soccer
38 0b1 r4v3! Renaming Voucher
39 Glam rockstar outfit
40 100 Novas
41 Tamer Pass +3% XP Boost Confetti Blast
42 Good Game
43 Firework Seal
44 Tateru banner Party Animal
45 100 Novas
46 Purple-Born Glowing dye (x2)
47 Tamerkiss swag Disco Funk
48 Crazy Tuwai holo
49 Monkey Dance
50 Musical banner
51 Radioactive Haze Glowing dye (x2) Bang Bang pose
52 Disco Inferno flooring
53 Pew's Got Ur Bag
54 Temtem Up!
55 100 Novas Music Seal
56 Instrument: Drums
57 Sparzy suit
58 Break Out the Confetti! swag
59 Pop Out Dat Popcorn Donut bag
60 Carpet Steed 100 Novas