The End of Innocence

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The End of Innocence
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests A Castle Too High
Next Quest Coda: The Archtamers
Starting Location Loch Aduar
Starting NPC None
Requirements Completion of A Castle Too High
Reward 10000 Pansuns.png

The End of Innocence is the tenth main quest in the game and is received after 'landing' in Arbury.


To start The End of Innocence, complete A Castle Too High and watch the cutscene. This quest will start automatically.


  • Get some answers in Lochburg.
  • Fight your way to the Lochburg Dojo Master to get some answers...
  • Scout the way to Properton.
  • See what that strange guy at the Cromlech wants...
  • Rendezvous with Carlos at the Boating Club in Properton.
  • Defeat the Belsoto mastermind Percival and free Nalla!
  • Meet Professor Konstantinos at his office in Properton College.
  • Search Konstantinos' office for clues...
  • Meet up with your friends.
  • Participate in the Temtem Tournament!
  • Find your friends at the entrance to the sewers.
  • Locate the secret lab in the sewers.
  • Search the secret lab for clues.
  • Find Braeside castle and rescue Nalla.
  • Defeat General X, once and for all!
  • Capture the Belsoto leader before he escapes again!
  • Liberate Nalla from Braeside Castle.
  • Find and place all the fragments of the Great Seal.
  • This is it! Finish Konstantinos!


After the cutscene, you will awaken on a small island in Loch Aduar. Head southwest into Lochburg, and you will be advised by the residents to seek out the Dojo Master, Murdag, within the Lochburg Dojo. You will be refused an audience with Murdag unless you defeat everyone in the Dojo, starting with Carlos, who also survived the crash. You will not be allowed to heal between battles until you face Murdag, so ensure your team is capable of defeating four Dojo tamers in a row.

After defeating the Dojo tamers, collect the Max Scent from the right side of Murdag's podium, and battle her. Carlos will meet you on the podium and Murdag will share some concerning information regarding the previous Dojo Master of Kisiwa, the Archipelagic Congress, and the Dojo Master of Properton.

Head through Meadowdale, meeting the Stowaway by the Glintwater River for a brief conversation, and into Mudshire Cromlech. Naolin, Carlos and the Stowaway are holding a meeting atop the Cromlech, and will call you up. You will learn that the Stowaway and Naolin are the second and third Arch-Tamers, and that, without finding Nalla, the fourth Arch-Tamer (and the official Dojo Master of Kisiwa) in Properton, you will be unable to summon Endaira, the first Arch-Tamer and heroine of the smash-hit comic book "Endaira's Quest".

Head through Mac Aed's Crags to Properton. Here, you can find the Narwhal, capable of taking you to the other islands, but you will not have access to the Matter-Transfer Drone until later. Now meet Carlos, Adia and Matthew at the Boating Club. They will instruct you to head into the Properton Dojo and battle Percival, the Dojo Master and suspected leader of Clan Belsoto. After defeating Percival, the Matter-Transfer Drone will unlock again, and you will be given a letter from Professor Konstantinos instructing you to meet him at his office in Properton College.

Inside the Professor's office, you will find two injured Belsoto grunts (as well as a Learning Aid in the bin near the door), who are reluctant to reveal any information. Search the desk, then meet up with your friends in the Vivat Academia on the west side of Properton. They will ask you to enroll in the Temtem Tournament. Ensure your team is prepared, and then head opposite the Properton College to begin the tournament. Battle four tamers, including a surprising appearance from an unexpected guest, and then head to the entrance to the sewers.

After proceeding through the sewers and battling many difficult tamers (who use up to level 100 Temtem), you will reach the Belsoto secret lab. Searching the desk by the Temterrarium reveals an uncomfortable truth about the true leader of Clan Belsoto, who resides in Braeside Castle. After preparing your team, head east of Properton to meet an unexpected ally and acquire the key to Braeside.

Head through Greenglen Forest, battling even more tamers, until you reach the Ruins of Telobos, where General X and his leader await. While the leader of Clan Belsoto flees to the castle, General X will challenge you - defeat him, and reinforcements will arrive to secure him while you head on. Pass through the Burned Woodlands, you will enter Braeside Castle through a tunnel and obtain the first Fragment of the Great Seal.

When in Braeside Castle you will have to find the other five Fragments of the Great Seal by exploring and defeating Belsoto tamers in different sections of the castle; the kitchen, laboratory, armory, grand suite, and rescuing the Archtamer Nalla from a cage in the dungeon. Whilst in the laboratory you have the opportunity to speak to a Belsoto scientist who gives you some insight into the experimentations that have been taking place. After collecting all the the fragments, you will be able to slot them all together in the centre of the castle's main room and unlock the donjon.

Proceed out to the donjon and confront Konstantinos Rex! While talking with him and challenging him to a battle, he unveils his secret weapon Megazizare which will start breaking apart the donjon, crumbling the ground beneath your feet. You must complete this battle in 15 turns or less, if not Megazizare will destroy the donjon and you will need attempt the battle again.

Once you have defeated Konstaninos Rex he will mount Megazizare and prepare to attack you directly, however Naolin, the Stowaway, and Nalla were successful in summoning the fourth Archtamer, Endaira herself! The Archtamers, using the power of Tukai, Tulcan, Tuvine, Turoc, Tuwire, and Tutsu, are able to finally defeat Konstantinos Rex and Megazizare by striking them with the Pansolar Beam.

The scene will then shift to the Properton College where an Archipelagic Conference is being held, this time with the Arburian Dojo Masters Percival and Murdag, and Tucmani Dojo Master Yareni present. After a discussion about the progress of the Conference, Musa will pass the leadership of the Conference to Tihani, Yareni will try to retire and promote Captain Koli to be the new Dojo Master of Tucma, which he refuses, and Carlos proposes to Sasaya, who accepts.

Once the meeting is adjourned, you are moved to the pub in Properton and join in discussions with members of the Narwhal crew and other friends. You are then interrupted by a vision of Endaira calling you for one last challenge.



  • Upon completion the credits roll and you will then have access to the Weekly Challenges.
  • You will only be given the achievement "Belsotos Eat Poop" after waking up in Zadar and speaking to Max.