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The Trade House is found in Turquesa as Verónica's Finest Wares, Quetzal as the Quetzal Trading House, and Properton as the The Boathouse Club. As they are all part of the same network, any Temtem or Item available for trade will be visible from all locations. All the buildings have the same layout with several Trade Terminals, HealTem Stations, and TemDecks.

Trade Terminal[edit]

General Rules[edit]

Trade House UI, Temtem auction page
  • By default the listings will be ordered by ascending Time Left, but can be changed to descending, and also Bid and Buyout prices.
  • Not all listings have both a Bid and Buyout price.
    • Listings without a Bid price can only be bought at the listed Buyout price.
    • Listings without a Buyout price can only be concluded by running out of time. If a Buyout place is in place and the Bid increases to match it, that bidder will win the auction.
  • Bidding on a Temtem or Item with under two minutes remaining will reset the timer back to two minutes.
  • Once a listing has run out of time it will be highlighted red, Bid and Buyout prices will be hidden and a Dismiss option will take their place.
  • While hovering on a listing, a new context action will appear allowing you to subscribe to this auction, showing it in the 'My Bids' section.
  • Bidding on an auction will automatically add it to your subscriptions.
  • If your bid wins an auction, you will need to claim the Temtem/item(s) from this page.
  • Using the buyout option will automatically add the Temtem/item(s) to your squad/Temdeck/inventory.
  • When you bid on an item, the Pansuns will be removed from your inventory. If you are out-bid they will be returned.
  • You can bid multiple times on the same auction without an opposing bid being placed as long as you can afford the increased price.


Trade House UI, Temtem filter page
Trade House UI, Egg detail page

This is the first page you will see upon interacting with the Trade Terminal. A Temtem on auction will show time remaining, stats, current equipped moveset, Trait, Fertility, and Bid and Buyout prices (if applicable). For an egg on auction, the listing will look slightly different, instead showing potential stats, inherited moves, and what the parents are (will also show luma forms if applicable). You can filter by:

  • Temtem - Specific species.
  • Egg - Will remove hatched Temtem from the listings shown. Enabling this filter will change the page allowing to you specify if you want to search for eggs with 1/2 Luma parents.
  • Luma - Will remove non-luma Temtem from the listings shown.
  • Level - Specify a level range.
  • Gender - Specify male/female
  • Min. Fertility - Specify minimum remaining fertility.
  • Egg Techniques - If a specific Temtem species is selected, up to four Egg Techniques that Temtem can inherit can be selected from the filters.
  • Trait - If a specific Temtem species is selected, the desired trait can be selected.
  • Time Left - Specify remaining time on the listings:
    • Any Time
    • Less than 3 hours
    • Less than 12 hours
    • Less than 24 hours
  • Bid - Specify a current bid amount for the listings.
  • Buyout - Specify the buyout amount for the listings.
  • Type 1 - If no species is selected, can by used to filter down to Temtem of the selected type(s).
  • Type 2 - Enabled by default. Can be used to narrow the search of the Type 1 filter, or in the case of Chromeon/Koish narrow the listings shown to a specific sub-species.
  • Advanced Filters
    • SV filters - Can specify the range of each stat SV to show in the listings. Cannot be used in conjunction with the Egg filter.
    • TV filters - Can specify the range of each stat TV to show in the listings. Cannot be used in conjunction with the Egg filter.


Trade House UI, Item auction page
Trade House UI, Item detail page

Similar to the Temtem auction page, the Items page will show remaining time and current Bid and Buyout prices (if applicable). In addition, the Items page will display a quantity as items can be sold in batches. You can filter by:

Trade House UI, My Bids page

My Bids[edit]

The My Bids page shows a list of any auctions you have bid on or added to your subscriptions with current price and time remaining.

From this page you can bid on these auctions without having to find the listing in the relevant page.

If your bid wins an auction, you will need to claim the Temtem/item(s) from this page.

My Auctions[edit]

Trade House UI, New auction page

This page will show you a list of any auctions you are currently running.

It is also how you create the listing to place Temtem/items on auction.

When you start an auction you will need to pay a 2% listing tax. If Buyout is selected, the tax will calculate using the Buyout price. If Buyout is not selected it will calculate using the starting bid price.

When an auction is completed and you claim the Pansuns of the winning bid/buyout, an 8% selling tax is deducted before being added to your inventory.



Update History[edit]

  • Early Access 0.9
    • Introduced
  • Early Access 0.9.1
    • Dyes can now be bought and sold at the Trade House.
    • Added a new minimum fertility filter to the Trade House filter options.
    • Added two new possible durations for Auctions at the Trade House: 7 days and 14 days.
    • We’ve changed the sorting indicators to make them clearer.
  • Early Access 0.9.3
    • We’ve extended the Trait filter to cover eggs in the Trade House as well.