Truth and Reconciliation

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Truth and Reconciliation
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Prasine Coast
Starting NPC Kübra
Requirements Paharo.pngPaharo
Reward 230 Pansuns.png


Talk to Kubra, she is located on the docks on the Prasine Coast, just south of Briçal de Mar


  1. See if you can help Kübra fix things with Zeynep
    • Zeynep is on the same dock just north of Kübra
  2. Get Zeynep a Paharo...
    • Paharo can be caught on the Prasine Coast just west of the dock.
    • CautionThe Paharo will be given to Zeynep, you will not get it back.


The name of this side quest could possibly be a reference to the third mission in the game Halo: Combat Evolved that shares the same name. It is also the name of a large spaceship used by the enemy "Covenant" in the very same game.