Water Supply

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Water Supply
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Shipwrecked in Tucma!
Next Quest ?
Starting Location Xolot Reservoir
Requirements ?
Reward TC009: Antitoxins

Water Supply is a part of the main quest Shipwrecked in Tucma! and is received after defeating Yareni and talking to Dr. Sugey at her lab. You need to complete this quest before you can obtain the Acid-Proof Surfboard. Throughout the quest heads to the mines and collects two water samples. After helping the scientist, the Narwhal and its crew are one step closer to safety.


  • Go underground and get water samples
  • Get the second water sample
  • Bring the water samples to Sugey


The player must head to the Mines of Mictlan and find two pools, one south of Ocelotl's house, and the other west of the TemDeck and HealTem Station. After the player interacts with both glimmering shimmers, they can return to Sugey on the surface at her lab in the Xolot Reservoir.



At her lab, Sugey asks if the crew is safe, and is glad to hear so. She asks the player to help her science and the people of Tucma, two empty water vials (A and B). After analyzing water from different parts of the Xolot, she has found some waters are dripping too quickly to the subsurface. Quetzal drinks water from the Xolot filtered naturally by dripping down through multiple layers of porous rock. If the soil shifted too much and disrupted the system, their water supply could easily turn undrinkable. With some samples from different underground pools, Sugey can create a more stable system, or understand the problem better.

In the mines, the player finds two pools, one in the east and one in the west, to fill the vials. They return the filled vials, A and B, to Sugey, who begins to study the Xolotic contamination of each sample. In return, she gives the player a vial of antitoxins.


Before the quest starts the player character can interact with both sample spots and make oddly specific remarks about it.