Wreck of the Narwhal

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Wreck of the Narwhal
Site of the crash-landing
Connected Areas Corrupted Badlands
Island Tucma

The Wreck of the Narwhal is the site where the Narwhal airship crashes after the events of the story quest A Trip to Kisiwa.... For the duration of the quest Shipwrecked in Tucma!, the area contains a fuctioning Temdeck, and Octlana will stay at the crash site to heal the player's team if talked with. After the completion of the quest, the area becomes Closecall Point.


The combination of the toxic gases that cover the surface of Tucma and the smoke from the recent wreck of the Narwhal have caused the area to be perpetually obscured by a thick smog that limits vision. Under the blanket of smog, the area largely resembles the rest of the island's surface, with dark soil and a variety of unusual flora and fungi.

Near the center of the area is an enormous wreck, and the Narwhal's crew and passengers are scattered around the area, many of them lying down or resting against the landscape due to injuries. Due to being violently thrown around by the crash, the items present in this area are not visible as standard item boxes, but instead are shown as sparkling points on the ground.



  • The Temdeck present in this area is implied to be the Temdeck included in the player's room, thrown on the ground due to the crash. Despite the impact, it is still functional.