Aqua Stone

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Aqua Stone
Información de la técnica
Tipo LargeWater.pngWater
Clase FísicaFísica
Daño 80
Coste 21
Hold 1
Prioridad Normal
Sinergia LargeEarth.pngEarth
Efectos Sinergia +24 DMG
Objetivos ?

Aqua Stone is a LargeWater.pngWater-type Special Technique. It does 80 base damage and costs 21 stamina to use. If used, the player must wait one turn before using it again.


"An ingenious application of hydraulic pressure for ballistic purposes" (Sophia d'Arissola).

Synergy Description[editar]

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The following is a list of Temtem who learn Aqua Stone

Temtem who learn Aqua Stone
Temtem Learn Method
Archivo:127.pngKalazu Level Up
Archivo:128.pngKalabyss Level Up

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