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Información de la técnica
Tipo LargeWater.pngWater
Clase EstadoEstado
Daño 0
Coste 22
Hold 1
Prioridad Normal
Sinergia LargeEarth.pngEarth
Efectos Sinergia Decreases enemy Speed 2 stages
Objetivos Único equipo

Flood is a non-damaging Status LargeWater.pngTipo Agua Technique.


"Watch the opponent get all bogged down. Decreases Speed in 1 stage for whole enemy team."

Synergy Description[editar]

"A mess of mudshire proportions. Used in combination with an Earth ally, decreases enemy team SPD by 2 stages."


The following is a list of Temtem who learn Flood.

Temtem who learn Flood
Temtem Learn Method
Archivo:115.pngOceara Course
Archivo:128.pngKalabyss Course

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