Water Cannon

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Water Cannon
Información de la técnica
Tipo LargeWater.pngWater
Clase EspecialEspecial
Daño 100
Coste 21
Hold None
Prioridad Normal
Sinergia LargeToxic.pngToxic
Efectos Sinergia +2 turn Poison
Objetivos ?

Water Cannon is a Special damage-dealing LargeWater.pngTipo Agua Technique.


The strongest Sillaro current has nothing on this unstoppable jet.

Synergy Description[editar]

Used in combination with a Toxic ally, it produces a stream of poison for 2 turns


The following is a list of Temtem who learn Water Cannon

Temtem who learn Water Cannon
Temtem Learn Method
Archivo:088.pngUmishi Level Up
Archivo:089.pngUkama Level Up

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