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Información de la técnica
Tipo Water.pngWater
Clase EstadoEstado
Daño 0
Coste 22
Hold None
Prioridad Normal
Sinergia Water.pngWater
Efectos Sinergia 3 turn Inmune
Objetivos Único equipo

Misogi is a non-damaging Status Water.pngTipo Agua Technique.


"The monks of Miyako developed this technique to eleminate all altered states on the whole team."

Synergy Description[editar]

"Using this waterfall meditation with a Water all, you become immune for 3 turns."


The following is a list of Temtem who learn Misogi.

Temtem who learn Misogi
Temtem Learn Method
Archivo:028.pngSkunch Course
Archivo:053.pngBarnshe Course
Archivo:069.pngSaipat Course
Pigepic.pngPigepic Course


Aguamarina Caves

Required items: Surfboard

Take the first Way on the right... then go down to a big room and Surf to the Waterfall.

Behind the Waterfall is the TC005 Misogi and Ether+

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