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This page details Temtem that have been shown, but were not released for various reasons (ex: being voted out in a Choose-a-Temtem poll).

Kickstarter Temtem[edit]

The mythical Temtem first shown in the Kickstarter trailer[1], was revealed on the Discord by YaW to never have existed, it is simple just a stretched out Paharac made for the trailer.

# Image Description
Kickstarter mythical.PNG
1 is a shadow of a stretched out Paharac.

Choose-a-Temtem #1[edit]

The winners of this minigame were 32 (Ampling) and 33 (Nessla). There were 34 total contenders, making this the largest Choose-a-Temtem poll to date. #10 and #11 would later return in Choose-a-Temtem #3, but only #10 would be voted into the game.[2]

# Image Description
CaT 1.png
1 is a small monochrome bird with seedy pink eyes.
CaT 2.png
2 is a blue dolphin-like Temtem with red armor and spikes on its head, and a white underbelly.
CaT 3.png
3 is a green bird that bears a resemblance to an archer.
CaT 4.png
4 is a reddish mushroom with two heads; one poking out of the cap. The cap has green spots.
CaT 5.png
5 resembles a frilled lizard. It is white, pink and green.
CaT 6.png
6 is a purple eel/dragon-like Temtem.
CaT 7.png
7 is a brown and blue fox.
CaT 8.png
8 is a yellow wildcat Temtem that resembles a lynx.
CaT 9.png
9 is a floating black and white Temtem with a feathery tail.
CaT 11.png
11 is a green reptile with red stumps down its long body, and four feet. It has a snake-like tongue.
CaT 12.png
12 is a brown-furred, gorilla-like with pale underskin.
CaT 13.png
13 is a turquoise, amphibian-like Temtem with a long yellow tongue and green underbelly and hands.
CaT 14.png
14 is a black bear with blue spikes on its head, and blue claws.
CaT 15.png
15 is a black and yellow quadruped Temtem with a V-shaped unibrow and fur.
CaT 16.png
16 is a brownish-red, squirrel-like Temtem with a swirly blue tail and horns.
CaT 17.png
17 is a blue and brown, bipedal, rabbit-like Temtem.
CaT 18.png
18 is a pink and white rabbit-like Temtem with chest fur and no visible feet.
CaT 19.png
19 is a brown dragon-like Temtem with a white underbelly.
CaT 20.png
20 is a black and blue. quadruped, fish-like Temtem with a distinctly feminine appearance.
CaT 21.png
21 is a purple owl-like Temtem that is reminiscent of a psychic.
CaT 22.png
22 is a sleeping, black-skinned Temtem with a long brown tail.
CaT 23.png
23 is a brown, rocky tortoise Temtem with a spiky shell.
CaT 24.png
24 is a brown, quadruped Temtem with a long-furred overcoat and two large white spikes on its head.
CaT 25.png
25 is a black mouse-like Temtem with long white fur in places.
CaT 26.png
26 is a pale blue beast-like Temtem with fangs and brown fur.
CaT 27.png
27 is a pink and green chameleon-like Temtem with a headdress.
CaT 28.png
28 is a yellow and black, bipedal Temtem with two horns that resemble prongs on a plug socket.
CaT 29.png
29 is a bipedal, fox-like Temtem with black and grey fur and large ears.
CaT 30.png
30 is a red and blue, bipedal axolotl with three frills.
CaT 31.png
31 is a brown and electric blue eel-like Temtem with three fins on its head.
CaT 34.png
34 is an orange rock monster Temtem with claw-like hands.

Choose-a-Temtem #2[edit]

After a year since the first, on July 1st, 2019, the forty-seventh Kickstarter update revealed the second Choose-a-Temtem minigame. This time, there were only two choices, with both of them being a three-stage, pure evolution line native to Tucma. #2 won the poll with 1,454 votes versus the 1,342 votes that #1 got.[3]

# Image Description
CaT2 1.png
1 is an evolution line of hedgehog-like Temtem. Each has black and white skin and green crystal spines.

Choose-a-Temtem #3[edit]

A full week after Choose-a-Temtem #2, the Choose-a-Temtem minigames continued with Choose-a-Temtem #3. There were eight designs up for voting. #10 and #11 from Choose-a-Temtem #1 came back for this poll along with #3 from the How New Temtem Are Created update. The results were extremely close between the top two spots, with #10 (now known as #8) winning with 579 votes and #2 coming in second with 554 votes. With only 23 votes between the two, Crema decided to include both of them in the game instead of just the winner, with the Temtem becoming known as Orphyll and Adoroboros. #3 came in third with 476 votes, #7 came in fourth with 295 votes, #1 came in fifth with 264 votes, #6 came in sixth with 199 votes, #4 came in seventh with 105 votes, and #5 came in last with 85 votes.[4]

# Image Description
CaT3 1.png
1 is a black and pink reptile Temtem with a toxic tail.
CaT3 3.png
3 is a red and white panda Temtem with crystals on its chest and arms.
CAT3 5.png
5 is a tulip-like Temtem with a pink head and green, stem-like body.
CaT3 6.png
6 is a dark purple superhero-like Temtem with a cape and gloves.

How New Temtem Are Created[edit]

On June 22nd, the sixteenth Kickstarter update was released which detailed the creative process of designing new Temtem. There were 18 designs revealed, with #13 being added into the game, becoming known as Gyalis. #3 returned in Choose-a-Temtem #3, but was again unsuccessful.[5]

# Image Description
HNTAC 1.png
1 resembles a bird. It has a large pink beak and pink markings.
HNTAC 2.png
2 is a vaguely bird-like Temtem with spines like a hedgehog or porcupine.
HNTAC 3.png
3 is a green Temtem with a body resembling an anchor or crescent.
HNTAC 4.png
4 is a teardrop-shaped green Temtem with a blue V-shaped crystal above its eyes.
HNTAC 5.png
5 is a green reptilian Temtem with round eyes and various pink crystals protruding from its body.
HNTAC 6.png
6 is a pink armadillo-like Temtem with crystals along its back.
HNTAC 7.png
7 is a green cyclops Temtem with a helmet and hands shaped like punching gloves.
HNTAC 8.png
8 is a pink bee or wasp-like Temtem with bug eyes, crystal wings and a stinger.
HNTAC 9.png
9 is a green, deer-like Temtem. Its entire body appears to be made of crystal, and it has antlers.
HNTAC 10.png
10 is a vaguely rodent-like Temtem comprised of crystals. It does not have a face.
HNTAC 11.png
11 is a floating drill-like Temtem with a green body and a crystal, pink drill-shaped bottom with wings.
HNTAC 12.png
12 is a crystallised Temtem with no face. It is circle-shaped, with a spiky crystal ball in the middle.
HNTAC 14.png
14 is a green vine-like Temtem with no visible face.
HNTAC 15.png
15 is a mole-like Temtem with a green crystal helmet.
HNTAC 16.png
16 is a flying bug-like Temtem with a atripy black and pink body and pink wings.
HNTAC 17.png
17 is a crystal beast-like Temtem with large spiky hands.
HNTAC 18.png
18 is a black wolf-like Temtem decorated with pink crystals.

Various Sources[edit]

Temtem designs presented on various platforms outside of Kickstarter.

Image Description
IMG 0792.jpg
On the right a bipedal teddy bear-like Temtem with yellow base color and brown accent colors, and on the left its quadruped goat-like evolution. "Goat" was confirmed as discarded design by YaW on Discord.[6]