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The postal service is a system of daily quests that can be picked up from the post office in the city of Uhuru in Kisiwa. The building is located in the north-western side and has a small envelope icon on the map. Once inside, players can speak to the Post Office Manager and tell her they are looking for a job. She'll assign 1-3 different delivery quests for different NPCs in the world. After completing all of these quests, the player can return to the Post Office Manager to receive some Pansuns and items. No rewards can be received until all delivery quests for the day are completed.

Deliveries are time sensitive and reset daily at 8 am UTC.

If the NPC is a tamer that you can battle, you must battle them first before being able to give them their package. Also if the target NPC is tied to a quest, the quest must be finished first before the delivery can be done.


The map below shows the location of an NPC selected from a dropdown menu. They will appear as a red dot on the map. You can search for an NPC by selecting the dropdown and then typing their name, and it will attempt to autocomplete. The URL in your browser will update when you select a target. If you visit this page through that updated link, it will start with that NPC already selected.

Missing NPCs and other problems should be reported on the talk page or in the wiki channel of the Temtem Discord server. Data can be found and edited at /data.json.

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Aguamarina Caves mail.png
Anak Volcano mail.png
Arbury mail.png
Barafu Glacier mail.png
Chini Grotto mail.png
Cipanku mail.png
Deniz mail.png
Gardens of Aztlan mail.png
Giant Banyan mail.png
Juu Tunnel mail.png
Kilima Peaks mail.png
Kisiwa Leeward mail.png
Kisiwa Windward mail.png
Memorial Mall mail.png
Neoedo Dojo mail.png
Omninesia Citerior mail.png
Omninesia Superior mail.png
Omninesia Ulterior mail.png
Sewers of Properton mail.png
Sea-Queen's Aquarium mail.png
Tamer's Paradise mail.png
The Highbelow mail.png
Tucma mail.png
Tucma Subsurface mail.png
Vumbi Dojo mail.png
Windward Fort mail.png


Rewards will always include some amount of pansuns based on tamer level, feathers, and other rewards. Reward amounts change with the amount of parcels the player delivered that day. The full combinations of rewards are as follows:

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