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A Spriole hatching from its egg.

Eggs are obtained via the breeding process by putting two compatible Temtem together. The appearance of an egg depends on the first type of the Temtem species it contains.


To obtain an egg, two compatible Temtem must be deposited at the Breeding Center. The offspring will inherit various aspects of the parental Temtem, some of which depend on the use of items. For more information, visit the article on Breeding.


Squad Hatching[edit]

Eggs in the player's squad hatch after certain time. The inherent timer ticks whether the player stays in game or not, and the prompt for hatched Temtem appears . Depending on the capture rate of species, eggs can take between 5 and 45 minutes to hatch. The Incubator device increases the hatching speed to 200% for the foremost egg in the squad. A countdown can be displayed after acquiring the Egg Timer.

Hatching time = (minutes)

Breeding Center Incubator Device[edit]

Any egg may be instantly hatched by using an Incubator Ticket on an incubator in the Breeding Center.


Temtem hatched from eggs have level 1, casing of regular TemCards, OT (Original Tamer) title and name of choice of the player who hatched in their squad, varying chance of Luma by their parents, varyingly random gender by the inherent gender ratio of species, and species of the female parent, stats, and techniques, all previewed prior to confirming breeding at the Breeding Center.