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Status Conditions are passive effects that can be applied to Temtem in Combat through the use of Techniques or the activation of Traits. Each status condition has its own distinct effect, and most affect the catch rate of untamed Temtem as well. Up to two status conditions can be applied at a time. When a new condition is applied, the oldest one is removed. The duration of status conditions is fixed to a specific amount of turns, and swapping a Temtem out of the battlefield will not remove their effect.

Techniques, Traits, and Gear affecting all Status Conditions
Name Type Effect
Misogi Technique Removes All on Target
Neutrality Trait Prevents All negative Status Conditions on User

Status conditions can be grouped by by positive, negative, and neutral. This may affect interactions with certain Traits.

Negative Status Conditions[edit]

Negative status conditions are affected by traits like Neutrality and Resistant.


Asleep Condition Asleep Temtem cannot attack. If they are damaged, including damage from other conditions like Burned Condition Burned or Poisoned Condition Poisoned, they will wake up and the Asleep condition is removed. Upon waking, the Temtem will gain the Alerted Condition Alerted condition until the end of the next turn. Mental type Temtem are immune against the Asleep condition.

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Burned Condition Burned Temtem lose 1/16 of their health every turn and it reduces both the ATK and SPATK stats by 30%. Temtem of the Fire type are immune against this condition. The Burned condition erases the Cold Condition Cold and Frozen Condition Frozen conditions when applied to a Temtem, and vice versa these conditions can remove the Burned condition.

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While the Cold Condition Cold status condition does not have a direct impact, it serves to set up the Frozen status condtions listed below. Cold erases the Burned Condition Burned Condition from a Temtem, while Burned erases both the Cold and Frozen conditions.

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If Cold Condition Cold is afflicted twice, the Temtem becomes Frozen Condition Frozen. Frozen Temtem cannot attack, but they can rest normally. Like Cold, Frozen also erases the Burned Condition Burned Condition from a Temtem, while Burned erases both the Cold and Frozen conditions.

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The Stamina cost of techniques used by an Exhausted Condition Exhausted Temtem increases by 50%. Applying the Invigorated Condition Invigorated condition removes the Exhausted condition and vice versa.

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Synergies do not work with Isolated Condition Isolated Temtem.

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Poisoned Condition Poisoned Temtem lose 1/8 of their health every turn. Temtem of the Toxic type are immune against this condition.

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Seized Condition Seized Temtem lose their equipped gear's effect.

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Trapped Condition Trapped Temtem cannot swap out.

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Positive Status Conditions[edit]

Positive status conditions are affected by traits like Receptive.


An Alerted ConditionAlerted Temtem cannot fall asleep. After a Temtem loses the Asleep Condition Asleep Condition, it will gain Alerted until the end of the next turn.

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Regenerated Condition Regenerated Temtem heal 1/10 of their health on each turn.

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An Evading Condition Evading Temtem will not be affected by the next offensive technique used on it. Once damaged, this condition is removed.

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Immune Condition Immune Temtem are unable to be afflicted with new status conditions.

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The Stamina cost of techniques used by a Invigorated Condition Invigorated Temtem decreases by 50%. Applying the Exhausted Condition Exhausted condition removes the Invigorated condition and vice versa.

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Neutral Status Conditions[edit]

Neutral status conditions are not affected by traits like Neutrality and Receptive.


Nullified Condition Nullified Temtem have their type based resistances and weaknesses omitted.

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Other Status Conditions[edit]

The following status conditions cannot be categorized as negative, positive, or neutral due to the following reasons:


Once the turn counter on the Doomed Condition Doomed Temtem hits 0, the Temtem faints.

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