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When getting a favorable status condition, increases its turns by 1.
Impact Positive
Trigger Status Condition Applied
Effect Status Condition Duration Increased

Receptive is a Status Condition affecting Trait.


Receptive increases the duration of any Invigorated ConditionInvigorated, Immune ConditionImmune, Regenerated ConditionRegenerated, Evading ConditionEvading, and Alerted ConditionAlerted Conditions the holder is gifted with by 1 turn.

If the holder is equipped with the Kaleidoscope Gear, the gifted Condition(s) will get the added turn and be redirected to the holder's ally.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#022 Mudrid.png Mudrid Receptive Resistant
#084 Mushi.png Mushi Resistant Receptive
#114 Gazuma.png Gazuma Receptive Fast Charge
#133 Tuvine.png Tuvine Receptive Determined
#140 Vulcrane.png Vulcrane Receptive Vigorous

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