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When getting a negative status condition, decreases its turns by 1.
Impact Positive
Trigger Status Condition Applied
Effect Status Condition Duration Decreased

Resistant is a Status Condition affecting Trait.


Resistant decreases the duration of the Poisoned ConditionPoisoned, Burned ConditionBurned, Asleep ConditionAsleep, Cold ConditionCold, Exhausted ConditionExhausted, Isolated ConditionIsolated, Seized ConditionSeized, and Trapped ConditionTrapped Conditions the holder is inflicted with by 1 turn. If the inflicted Condition would only last 1 turn normally, the holder will not be inflicted with it.


No. Temtem First Trait Second Trait
#022 Mudrid.png Mudrid Receptive Resistant
#054 Gyalis.png Gyalis Mirroring Resistant
#084 Mushi.png Mushi Resistant Resilient
#113 Ganki.png Ganki Resistant Inductor

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