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Skail evolving into Skunch.

Evolution is the process by which Temtem species transform into other species of their evolutionary line. In most cases a certain amount of levels need to be gained since obtaining the Temtem. When a Temtem evolves, its Base Stats and technique pool change depending on the new species.

Evolutionary Lines[edit]

Evolutionary line of Raiber evolving into Raize and Raican. A Fire type egg is displayed on the left.[1]

Temtem species evolving into one another are referred to as evolutionary lines. Some species are the only representative of their evolutionary line and are unable to evolve, while others can have two or even three evolutionary stages.

Certain meta-mimetic Temtem have branching evolutionary lines, able to evolve into multiple different species.

Evolution Methods[edit]

Leveling - The most common evolution method is to level up Temtem. A species-specific amount of levels is required after obtaining the Temtem before it can evolve. For example, a level 5 Ganki evolves into Gazuma after leveling up 27 times, thus at level 32. If an evolution was cancelled, it can be restarted via the Temtem details page. A fail-safe exists to ensure that Temtem can always evolve to their last stage at level 100, i.e. in case the evolution to a second stage Temtem was delayed until a high level and insufficient levels remain for the third stage.

Minimonolith - Using a Minimonolith on a Temtem that evolves through leveling will cause it to instantly evolve.

Trading - Certain species only evolve directly after being traded, irrespective of levels gained since obtaining the Temtem.

Places of Power - Meta-mimetic species can evolve by interacting with the shrine at the so-called places of power.

Training Values - Certain species only evolve directly after acquiring enough TVs.

  • Anahir evolves into Anatan upon gaining a total of 1000 TVs.

Cancelling Evolution[edit]

Evolution can be cancelled by pressing and holding a certain button, or by pressing it three times in a row. The buttons are Z or Esc for the keyboard, right click for the mouse, B or Y for the Xbox controller and equivalent buttons for other controllers. A visual button is displayed in the bottom-right corner of the evolution screen.

Temtem which had their evolution cancelled will earn 20% more experience and will never evolve again on their own, but they can be manually evolved from their details page.