Sons of Crystal

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Sons of Crystal
Connected Areas Corrupted Badlands
Island Tucma

In the east of the Tucma Surface reside the Crystal Sanctum. The Brothers of the Shard guard the holy site, and are one of the only instances of a religious group in the entire Archipelago. They worship the Holy Shard and revere it as a deity. Led by Chahuatl, the brothers ask the shard for guidance, desire it make their decisions, and ask for wisdom from it. The group consists entirely of males.

Here, Tuwai can evolve into Tuvine. The location is also known as Crystal Shrine.

The Brothers in front protect the holiness of the Sanctum, revering those who defeat them in the rite of battle as "harbinger of a new shard." In order to access the sanctum, they must be defeated in order. However, they will not duel the player unless every Temtem in their squad has the Crystal typing. Upon defeat, Chahuatl calls the player a "fellow Son of Crystal", or "fellow Daughter of Crystal", depending on the player's pronouns.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Son of the Crystal Acolyte Lapinite.png Lvl. 33 Crystle.png Lvl. 33 Bunbun.png Lvl. 32 Occlura.png Lvl. 34 573 Pansun.png
Son of the Crystal Zealot Sherald.png Lvl. 34 Valash.png Lvl. 33 Myx.png Lvl. 33 Gyalis.png Lvl. 33 832 Pansun.png
Son of the Crystal Believer Shuine.png Lvl. 42 Azuroc.png Lvl. 41 Mudrid.png Lvl.42 1364 Pansun.png
Chahualt Sherald.png Lvl. 39 Zenoreth.png Lvl. 41 Mudrid.png Lvl. 45 Myx.png Lvl. 41 Gyalis.png Lvl. 45 805 Pansun.png



The Zenoreth found here can only be captured with TemCardX but their stats are not better than in other places.

  Area 1 (Density: Common)
Corrupted Badlands area6.png
50 - 55
2 HP
5 - 10