Barafu Glacier

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Barafu Glacier
Barafu Glacier.png
Icy majesty, frozen stillness
Connected Areas Kilima Peaks
Island unspecified


Barafu Glacier is an icy cave with a spiral layout.



Tamers Temtem Location Reward
Glaciologist & Geologist Sherald.png Lvl. 49Zizare.png Lvl. 49Grumper.png Lvl. 48Vulcrane.png Lvl. 48 787 Pansun.png
Adisa & Thema Garyo.png Lvl. 56Babawa.png Lvl. 56 256 Pansun.png
Amara Yowlar.png Lvl. 67 300 Pansun.png
Max? and Max!? Tateru.png Lvl. 90Rhoulder.png Lvl. 90Osukai.png Lvl. 90Nagaise.png Lvl. 90Granpah.png Lvl. 90Mastione.png Lvl. 90

1500 Pansun.png


Barafu Glacier Side Quests
Name Requirements Reward
Musical Crystals Access to the Neoedo Crema building Toy Piano emote



  • Barafu Glacier is a Breeder Tier Route by PokéNinja, who pledged $6000 to the Kickstarter.[1] It was designed based on feedback from his peers.[2]
  • The NPC at the end of the route is based on PokéNinja's son, Peyton.[2]
  • Barafu is Swahili for "ice".


Update History[edit]

  • Early Access 0.6.10
    • We have disabled the encounters near the music crystals in the Barafu Glacier. Play the song of your people, now without interruptions.