Atoll Row

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Atoll Row
Connected Areas The Flywalk
Island Citerior Omninesia

Atoll Row is the location for player-owned Housing, reached via Coral Plaza in Citerior Omninesia. To obtain a house, the On Solid Footing? and If You Build It side quests need to be completed. Furniture can be purchased at Furniture Shops. The house editing interface can be opened by interacting with the mailbox. Various tabs are available for structural settings, ambient settings and various types of items. Items can be placed inside a house depending on their size and available grid tiles.


The address of a house and neighborhood in Atoll Row uses the Row-Column-House format, e.g. N-00007-D. Ranges are A-D for the specific houses in each neighborhood, A-Z for the neighborhood rows and 00001-99999 for the columns. Slots are allocated automatically based on the lowest available address, in the order of house > row > column. All houses can be freely visited and searched for. The central tubular devices allow the player to instantly transfer to any house. Note that addresses between A-00001-A and D-00001-D are reserved for staff members and can not be allocated to players.


  • While advertised as "endless array of neighborhoods"[1], currently there is a maximum of 10,399,896 house plots (26 * 99999 * 4).
  • The central tubular device can only teleport players to houses that have already been built.
  • The time required to walk from column 00001 to column 99999 is approximately 5 days and 19 hours.
  • YaW posted a screenshot on twitter teasing three item boxes at Z-99999. He also said "don't trust yaw".[2]
  • Laila#16132 is the first player to reach the end of Atoll Row on October 17th 2020, confirming the lack of item boxes. He did however receive a Hidody named "Smoke Bomb" from staff member Shuni as reward. Several hours afterwards, fuggh#253166 joined him as they planned to reach the end together.