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Promotional video displaying the housing editor..
Starting on this patch, players will be able to obtain their own home in Atoll Row. Salamasina, the realtor for the neighborhood, has arrived at Coral Plaza and is waiting for new peeps eager to move in. As usual and since this is only the first iteration on this new feature, Housing serves a limited cosmetic and social function at this moment. Decorate your house and have your friends over, or go take a stroll along Atoll Row and see who’s home.
~ Crema Update Announcement

The Housing feature allows players to decorate a house in the neighborhoods of Atoll Row, reached via Coral Plaza located on Citerior Omninesia. All houses can be freely visited and searched for. Furniture can be purchased in Furniture Shops found in various locations.


A house in Atoll Row.

Obtaining a house[edit]

A Property Deed for the player's house is obtained during the On Solid Footing? side quest. Upon payment of the requested amount, a house slot is allocated. The follow-up If You Build It side quest rewards the Key to the build house.


The address of a house and neighborhood in Atoll Row has a Row-Column-House format, e.g. N-00007-D. Ranges are A-D for the specific houses in each neighborhood, A-Z for the neighborhood rows and 00001-99999 for the columns. Slots are allocated automatically based on the lowest available address, in the order of house > row > column. Note that addresses between A-00001-A and D-00001-D are reserved for staff members and can not be allocated to players. The central tubular devices at Coral Plaza and Atoll Row allows you to instantly transfer to any house.


The house editing interface can be opened by interacting with the mailbox. Various tabs are available for structural settings, ambient settings and various types of items. Items can be placed inside a house depending on their size and available grid tiles.

Default furniture[edit]

The player starts with a default set of untradeable items when obtaining their house. These default options are Contemporary construction, Rectangular floorplan, Basic white wallpaper, Zigzag parquet, 8 Moods, 16 Backgrounds, and 2 Simple vertical windows. These are in addition to the Zadar dining table rewarded earlier in the questline.



Layouts change the shape of the interior.

Layout List
Image Name Location Cost Size
Rectangular floorplan horizontal.png
Rectangular floorplan (horizontal) Default N/A 24x16
Rectangular floorplan vertical.png
Rectangular floorplan (vertical) Default N/A 16x24

Wall Texture[edit]

Wall Textures decorate the entirety of the walls. Only a single Wall Texture can be chosen at a time.

Wall Texture List
Image Name Location Cost
Basic white wallpaper.png
Basic white wallpaper Default N/A
Funky retro wallpaper.png
Funky retro wallpaper Nanga 22,000Pansuns.png
Fusuma wallpaper.png
Fusuma wallpaper Neoedo 24,500Pansuns.png
Old Quetzal wallpaper.png
Old Quetzal wallpaper Quetzal 18,000Pansuns.png
Properly Properton wall.png
Properly Properton wall Lochburg 29,500Pansuns.png
Sillaro Tide wallpaper.png
Sillaro Tide wallpaper Thalassian Cliffs 15,000Pansuns.png
Vumbi wattle+daub walls.png
Vumbi wattle+daub walls Uhuru 17,500Pansuns.png

Floor Texture[edit]

Floor Textures decorate the entirety of the floor. Only a single Floor Texture can be chosen at a time.

Floor Texture List
Image Name Location Cost
Hallowed Halls flooring.png
Hallowed Halls flooring Lochburg 26,500Pansuns.png
Kilima sandstone floor.png
Kilima sandstone floor Uhuru 21,500Pansuns.png
Mictlan mosaic flooring.png
Mictlan mosaic flooring Quetzal 26,000Pansuns.png
Radiant sun parquet.png
Radiant sun parquet Nanga 18,500Pansuns.png
Smart tiled floor.png
Smart tiled floor Neoedo 24,000Pansuns.png
Zigzag parquet.png
Zigzag parquet Default/Thalassian Cliffs N/A / 15,000Pansuns.png



Moods change the ambience of the interior.

Mood List
Image Name Location Cost
Cipanki Neon mood.png
Cipanki Neon mood Default N/A
Daylight mood.png
Daylight mood Default N/A
Golden Hour mood.png
Golden Hour mood Default N/A
Greener Pastures mood.png
Greener Pastures mood Default N/A
Halcyon Days mood.png
Halcyon Days mood Default N/A
Nighty Night mood.png
Nighty Night mood Default N/A
Quetzalian Crystalight mood.png
Quetzalian Crystalight mood Default N/A
Wintry Morning mood.png
Wintry Morning mood Default N/A


Backgrounds change the background color of the interior.

Background List
Image Name Location Cost
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A
N/A Default N/A


Items of the Kitchen category can be used to decorate player housing. Multiple can be used so long as there is remaining space available.

Kitchen List
Image Name Location Cost Size
Blokiboi chrome.png
Blokiboi chrome Nanga 5,250Pansuns.png 2x2
Cozy breakfast cabinet.png
Cozy breakfast cabinet Nanga 3,510Pansuns.png 4x2
Denizan hob.png
Denizan hob Thalassian Cliffs 3,750Pansuns.png 2x2
Denizan sink.png
Denizan sink Thalassian Cliffs 3,750Pansuns.png 2x2
RÅSKÄKACË Cobalt.png
RÅSKÄKACË Cobalt Quetzal 5,062Pansuns.png 2x2
Rice steamer island.png
Rice steamer island Neoedo 7,500Pansuns.png 2x2
Shibui kitchen island.png
Shibui kitchen island Neoedo 6,000Pansuns.png 4x2
Teakline induction top.png
Teakline induction top Quetzal 6,000Pansuns.png 2x2
Teakline kitchen sink.png
Teakline kitchen sink Quetzal 4,500Pansuns.png 2x2
Traditional Kisiwan oven.png
Traditional Kisiwan oven Uhuru 6,525Pansuns.png 4x2
Yareni's kitchen table.png
Yareni's kitchen table Quetzal 1,500Pansuns.png 2x2


Items of the Organization category can be used to decorate player housing. Multiple can be used so long as there is remaining space available.

Organization List
Image Name Location Cost Size
Autumn Pansunday shelf.png
Autumn Pansunday shelf Lochburg 3,500Pansuns.png 1x1
Banyanwood bookshelves.png
Banyanwood bookshelves Nanga 3,375Pansuns.png 3x1
Blue Dreams nightstand.png
Blue Dreams nightstand Thalassian Cliffs 2,250Pansuns.png 1x1
Bookworm's bookcase.png
Bookworm's bookcase Nanga 5,760Pansuns.png 3x1
Chic Parabolic bookcase.png
Chic Parabolic bookcase Nanga 6,750Pansuns.png 4x2
Golden Schooldays shelf.png
Golden Schooldays shelf Quetzal 10,500Pansuns.png 2x1
HÄRMARIÅKÖ wardrobe.png
HÄRMARIÅKÖ wardrobe Thalassian Cliffs 10,530Pansuns.png 4x2
KUÅDRÄDIKǾS bookcase.png
KUÅDRÄDIKǾS bookcase Neoedo 6,000Pansuns.png 2x2
Kyowagasa bookshelf.png
Kyowagasa bookshelf Neoedo 4,500Pansuns.png 2x1
Lazy Pansunday bookcase.png
Lazy Pansunday bookcase Quetzal 5,250Pansuns.png 3x2
MEKUELGA coat stand.png
MEKUELGA coat stand Lochburg 5,000Pansuns.png 1x1
Midnight Oil secretaire.png
Midnight Oil secretaire Lochburg 6,000Pansuns.png 3x2
Old-timer shelf.png
Old-timer shelf Uhuru 2,250Pansuns.png 2x1
Osuchi Memories bookcase.png
Osuchi Memories bookcase Uhuru 3,900Pansuns.png 4x2
OwlheTú full wardrobe.png
OwlheTú full wardrobe Lochburg 6,500Pansuns.png 3x2
Rock-solid wardrobe.png
Rock-solid wardrobe Quetzal 6,000Pansuns.png 4x2
Rustic shelves.png
Rustic shelves Thalassian Cliffs 2,310Pansuns.png 2x1
Smart nightstand.png
Smart nightstand Uhuru 1,500Pansuns.png 1x1
The Archipelagotrotter.png
The Archipelagotrotter Quetzal 8,430Pansuns.png 4x1
TÖRDENÅǾ bookcase.png
TÖRDENÅǾ bookcase Neoedo 7,500Pansuns.png 3x2
Upper Indigo nightstand.png
Upper Indigo nightstand Nanga 1,500Pansuns.png 1x1
Wagasa bookshelf.png
Wagasa bookshelf Neoedo 4,500Pansuns.png 2x1
Wee Dram drink cabinet.png
Wee Dram drink cabinet Lochburg 4,500Pansuns.png 2x2


Items of the Furniture category can be used to decorate player housing. Multiple can be used so long as there is remaining space available.

Furniture List
Image Name Location Cost Size
50' flatscreen.png
50' flatscreen Uhuru 9,375Pansuns.png 4x2
ÄPPÄLANKE padded chair.png
ÄPPÄLANKE padded chair Lochburg 3,900Pansuns.png 2x2
Bedderalone single.png
Bedderalone single Nanga 10,500Pansuns.png 4x5
BentoDreams single bed.png
BentoDreams single bed Neoedo 12,500Pansuns.png 3x5
BunBunk bunk bed.png
BunBunk bunk bed Thalassian Cliffs 11,625Pansuns.png 3x5
Côte d'Arissola chair.png
Côte d'Arissola chair Thalassian Cliffs 3,780Pansuns.png 2x2
CuppaChill coffee table.png
CuppaChill coffee table Thalassian Cliffs 2,250Pansuns.png 3x2
Deep Dreamin' bed.png
Deep Dreamin' bed Quetzal 9,375Pansuns.png 5x5
Designer pro desk.png
Designer Pro desk Neoedo 13,000Pansuns.png 4x2
Geology&Geometry chair.png
Geology&Geometry chair Quetzal 1,500Pansuns.png 1x1
Geometric canapé.png
Geometric canapé Uhuru 2,250Pansuns.png 3x2
Hanafuda cushioned bench.png
Hanafuda cushioned bench Neoedo 4,000Pansuns.png 3x1
Homely teal chaise.png
Homely teal chaise Nanga 3,690Pansuns.png 2x4
Homely teal sofa.png
Homely teal sofa Nanga 5,250Pansuns.png 4x2
Kisiwan Linen double.png
Kisiwan Linen double Uhuru 12,187Pansuns.png 5x5
KÜLKUÅDRÅTT desk chair.png
KÜLKUÅDRÅTT desk chair Neoedo 3,500Pansuns.png 2x2
Lady Catherine couch.png
Lady Catherine couch Lochburg 9,900Pansuns.png 4x2
Laid-back Moyo chair.png
Laid-back Moyo chair Uhuru 900Pansuns.png 2x2
Miner-style stool.png
Miner-style stool Quetzal 750Pansuns.png 2x2
Mokupuni rustic stool.png
Mokupuni rustic stool Nanga 750Pansuns.png 1x1
Monday Morning desk.png
Monday Morning desk Thalassian Cliffs 7,500Pansuns.png 4x2
Myrislan rustic chair.png
Myrislan rustic chair Nanga 1,125Pansuns.png 2x2
Onsenshima tea table.png
Onsenshima tea table Neoedo 10,000Pansuns.png 5x3
Paint It Red desk.png
Paint It Red desk Nanga 8,775Pansuns.png 4x2
Pub-style padded bench.png
Pub-style padded bench Lochburg 5,000Pansuns.png 3x2
Rawiri-size armchair.png
Rawiri-size armchair Nanga 6,180Pansuns.png 3x3
Rustic striped sofa.png
Rustic striped sofa Thalassian Cliffs 3,420Pansuns.png 4x2
Safari Lounge bench-pot.png
Safari Lounge bench-pot Uhuru 6,750Pansuns.png 3x3
Savoir-Faire side table.png
Savoir-Faire side table Lochburg 5,900Pansuns.png 3x2
Soft sitting cushions.png
Soft sitting cushions Neoedo 2,200Pansuns.png 2x2
Square minimalist sofa.png
Square minimalist sofa Uhuru 1,500Pansuns.png 2x2
Tea & Book armchair.png
Tea & Book armchair Lochburg 4,500Pansuns.png 2x2
TØKANSÅO king-size bed.png
TØKANSÅO king-size bed Lochburg 14,999Pansuns.png 3x4
Tucmani dining table.png
Tucmani dining table Quetzal 6,750Pansuns.png 6x3
Uhuru Summers sofa.png
Uhuru Summers sofa Uhuru 8,400Pansuns.png 6x2
Understated TV stand.png
Understated TV stand Quetzal 11,250Pansuns.png 5x2
Zadar dining table.png
Zadar dining table On Solid Footing? N/A 6x3
ZIENTÅTEYÅ chair.png
ZIENTÅTEYÅ chair Thalassian Cliffs 975Pansuns.png 2x2


Items of the Floor category can be used to decorate player housing. Multiple can be used so long as there is remaining space available. Floor items have the unique property of being placeable below other items.

Floor List
Image Name Location Cost Size
Braeside Hall carpet.png
Braeside Hall carpet Lochburg 9,000Pansuns.png 6x3
Clear-Nu rosette rug.png
Clear-Nu rosette rug Neoedo 4,000Pansuns.png 3x3
Kisiwan cubist carpet.png
Kisiwan cubist carpet Uhuru 4,500Pansuns.png 4x3
Mictlan carpet.png
Mictlan carpet Quetzal 9,000Pansuns.png 8x3
Natural Path carpet.png
Natural Path carpet Nanga 9,000Pansuns.png 8x3
Sherald Green carpet.png
Sherald Green carpet Thalassian Cliffs 4,500Pansuns.png 4x3


Items of the Decoration category can be used to decorate player housing. Multiple can be used so long as there is remaining space available.

Decoration List
Image Name Location Cost Size
Anak Afterglow floor lamp.png
Anak Afterglow floor lamp Nanga 3,750Pansuns.png 1x1
Bamboo folding screen.png
Bamboo folding screen Neoedo 5,000Pansuns.png 2x1
BAMØXAFARDEÁ window Lochburg 4,900Pansuns.png 3x1
BËNTANUKÖ window frame.png
BËNTANUKÖ window frame Lochburg 5,500Pansuns.png 3x1
By the Horns picture.png
By the Horns picture Uhuru 9,000Pansuns.png 3x1
Chochin-inspired lamp.png
Chochin-inspired lamp Neoedo 4,500Pansuns.png 2x2
Curtained window.png
Curtained window Nanga 4,500Pansuns.png 6x1
Ebony divider screen.png
Ebony divider screen Quetzal 3,000Pansuns.png 4x1
Framed shodo scroll.png
Framed shodo scroll Neoedo 6,500Pansuns.png 2x1
GreenThumb flower pot.png
GreenThumb flower pot Lochburg 3,000Pansuns.png 2x2
Kakama crystal bonsai.png
Kakama crystal bonsai Quetzal 1,800Pansuns.png 2x2
KEMALÖÖMBRÅ wall lamp.png
KEMALÖÖMBRÅ wall lamp Lochburg 1,500Pansuns.png 1x1
Kisiwan drum selection.png
Kisiwan drum selection Uhuru 5,500Pansuns.png 2x2
Lava Flow window.png
Lava Flow window Quetzal 6,000Pansuns.png 5x1
Lush Garden fence.png
Lush Garden fence Nanga 1,575Pansuns.png 4x1
MEERÅKIENÉ window.png
MEERÅKIENÉ window Neoedo 3,000Pansuns.png 3x1
Natural Family pictures.png
Natural Family pictures Nanga 2,775Pansuns.png 3x1
Omni banyan bonsai.png
Omni banyan bonsai Nanga 1,650Pansuns.png 2x2
Owlhemental, Dear Watson.png
Owlhemental, Dear Watson Lochburg 13,000Pansuns.png 2x1
Peepnaught screen.png
Peepnaught screen Thalassian Cliffs 5,400Pansuns.png 4x2
Pink bamboo pot.png
Pink bamboo pot Neoedo 2,500Pansuns.png 1x1
PiraniArt picture.png
PiraniArt picture Thalassian Cliffs 9,750Pansuns.png 2x1
Prasine wild shrub.png
Prasine wild shrub Thalassian Cliffs 900Pansuns.png 2x2
Quetzal Nights wall lamp.png
Quetzal Nights wall lamp Quetzal 1,125Pansuns.png 1x1
Rose of Arbury pot.png
Rose of Arbury pot Lochburg 2,600Pansuns.png 2x2
Safari Lounge floor lamp.png
Safari Lounge floor lamp Uhuru 1,650Pansuns.png 1x1
Savanna bloom pot.png
Savanna bloom pot Uhuru 1,200Pansuns.png 2x2
Savanna Vista window.png
Savanna Vista window Uhuru 3,840Pansuns.png 2x1
Second Pansun lamp.png
Second Pansun lamp Lochburg 1,500Pansuns.png 1x1
Sillaro Wave wall lamp.png
Sillaro Wave wall lamp Thalassian Cliffs 1,650Pansuns.png 2x1
Simple vertical window.png
Simple vertical window Default N/A 3x1
SmolBois pictures.png
SmolBois pictures Neoedo 3,450Pansuns.png 3x1
Some Kind of Superstar.png
Some Kind of Superstar Lochburg 14,000Pansuns.png 3x1
Time & Tide floor lamp.png
Time & Tide floor lamp Thalassian Cliffs 2,700Pansuns.png 1x1
VON BILLIKA wall lamp.png
VON BILLIKA wall lamp Neoedo 3,500Pansuns.png 1x1
Vumbifuturism wall lamp.png
Vumbifuturism wall lamp Uhuru 1,800Pansuns.png 1x1
Zadar Dawn window.png
Zadar Dawn window Thalassian Cliffs 3,975Pansuns.png 5x1


Items of the Interactables category can be used to decorate player housing. Multiple can be used so long as there is remaining space available. Interactables have additional functionality aside from decorative purposes.

Interactables List
Image Name Location Cost Size
Zadar Under-18 Trophy.png
Zadar Under-18 Trophy Special Requirement N/A 2x2


The following images are promotional displays of staff housing. Note that developer tricks were used, including different camera angles, closer positioning of items, and items not available to players at the time.