Tamer's Paradise

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Tamer's Paradise
A celebration of Temtem taming!
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Island Tamer's Paradise

Tamer's Paradise, sometimes abbreviated as TP, is a theme park for tamers featuring end-game activities that becomes available during the course of the quest Coda: Poisoned Legacy. It's built upon a massive artificial island of the same name created by MyrEng. All shops in the area trade only in Feathers.png Feathers and sell items that can not be bought elsewhere, including customization options that the player had during character creation.


Evershifting Tower[edit]

Main article: Evershifting Tower

The Evershifting Tower will create a labyrinth with a random layout of rooms and floors to explore each time it's played, full of hostile holo-tamers, wild temtem, and loot. The player is not permitted to take any of their own Temtem, items, or gear into the tower, and is instead given a choice of Temtem to begin their ascent with (Raiber, Spriole, or Platypet. Uncommonly, the player will only be able to choose a Smolzy with no choice of the other 3). The player must traverse the floor and use items they've found from chests scattered around various rooms to build and improve their team. Some rooms have tall grass, which will spawn only one specific kind of Temtem. If the player chooses to, they can use TemCards to add it to their team for the rest of the game. Once a wild Temtem in a room is caught, the tall grass will disappear and the player cannot catch any more wild Temtem from that specific room.

Hostile NPC holo-tamers will spawn at various points in rooms as well, challenging the player to a battle as soon as they enter their line of sight. Defeating these NPCs will award Synstars, for use at shop nodes which can spawn at random points in the tower, Similar to their function in Lairs. The player progresses by seeking out a Main Holo-Tamer on each floor, indicated by the MapMainQuest.pngIcon above their head and on the map. Once the Main Holo-Tamer is defeated, the player must seek out the ladder on the same floor to ascend to the next.

There are 3 floors in total, with the ladder on the final floor being replaced with a large chest that awards the victorious with Feathers.pngFeathers. Should the player's squad be wiped out early in the tower, their game will end and they will receive a smaller amount of Feathers.pngFeathers depending on how many Main Holo-Tamers they managed to defeat. When the game ends, all of the Temtem, items, and gear the player collected within the tower will be removed and they will be ejected from the Tower


In the TemSafari, an infinite horde of untamed temtem will continually attack the player. Defeating them will grow the player's score, and the encountered Temtem will be increasingly higher levels as more spawn. The player never leaves battle, and a new Temtem will take the place of another on the turn immediately after it is defeated.

Players must use their own Temtem to play the TemSafari, equipped Gear will not function, and items cannot be used. Instead, players are given a random, pre-set set of items to use within that round. Furthermore, 4 Types will be banned from entering, randomized each time TemSafari is played. The player must adapt and change their selected team to fit the Criteria. 6 bonuses will also be given to the player, active for the entire game (Similar to the ones found within Lairs). Bonuses can be both positive and negative.

The game ends when the player runs out of all usable Temtem. Getting a higher score will award the player with an increasing amount of Feathers.pngFeathers.


The DraftArena will loan Temtem for the player to use, and they are not permitted to use their own Temtem. The game starts with giving the player a selection of 4 random temtem, and 4 random gear items. The player must pick a Temtem from the provided list, as well as a provided gear to equip to the chosen Temtem. Once a Temtem and it's gear are chosen, the list of provided temtem and gear will randomize again, and the player must choose another Temtem and gear. This will repeat until the player picks 4 Temtem to fill their party.

NPC holo-tamers will enter from the doorway in front of the player, challenging the player to a battle. Both tamers will use 4 temtem. If the player is victorious, their Feathers.pngFeather reward will increase. The player then has the choice to leave with their winnings, or continue battling for more Feathers.pngFeathers. Choosing to continue battling will require the player replaces one of their own Temtem with one of the Temtem used by the defeated NPC. Each NPC defeated will cause the level of the Temtem used by further opponents to be higher than the previous.

The game will end once the player leaves with their winnings, or is defeated by an NPC. In which case, they will walk out with less Feathers.pngFeathers than if they had left on their own.


In the GrtitArena the player brings a squad of 6 Temtem with gears, out of a rotating list of 50 Temtem. NPC holo-tamers will enter from the doorway in front of the player, challenging the player to a battle. The NPC holo-tamer will also bring 6 Temtem with the first battle being against Level 80 Temtem with the levels increasing by 8 levels with each victory. Each successful battle will give the player the choice to leave with their winnings, or continue battling for more Feathers.pngFeathers.

The game will end once the player leaves with their winnings, or is defeated by an NPC. In which case, they will walk out with less Feathers.pngFeathers than if they had left on their own.


The DigiLair is a two player co-op activity. The DigiLair comprises two lanes, one for each player, which follows the format of the five player Lair required for mythical Temtem. Each lane comprising 20 steps plus the final boss battle.

In order to access the DigiLair, the player must be in a co-op party and both players must have one DigiLair Token each. The players select the difficulty for the DigiLair by selecting difficulty modifiers for five categories with difficult scaling from 0 to 4 for each. The categories are: Gems Amount, Rivals Level, Shop Prices, Rest Heal, and Negative Bonuses. The players also select a Temtem egg which they would like as the reward if the DigiLair is completed. A multiplier based on the difficulty selected is applied to the chosen Temtem which has a base rate determined by the wild spawn rate of the Temtem. Higher difficulty rewards the player with an increased Luma ratio, increased chance of egg techniques, higher minimum SVs, and increased feathers for the successful completion. The base modifiers and difficulty scaling for Luma ratios has been outlined below.

Temtem Spawn Rate Base Modifier
5% 0.185
10% 0.269
20% 0.42
30% 0.56
35% 0.628
40% 0.693
50% 0.821
60% 0.946
65% 1.007
70% 1.067
75% 1.127
80% 1.186
85% 1.244
90% 1.302
95% 1.359
100% 1.416
Mutiplier Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Gems Amount 1 1.4 1.5 1.7 2
Rivals Level 1 1.75 2.25 2.75 3.5
Shop Prices 1 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6
Rest Heal 1 1.5 1.75 2 2.5
Negative Bonuses 1 1.15 1.3 1.45 1.7

The revive system in the DigiLair starts at -1 gem for revives and after reaching the halfway point the revive cost increases to -3.

A key difference in the DigiLair compared to Mythical Lairs is the final battle. In the DigiLair, the boss battle is a co-op battle with an AI tamer where each player utilises the first three Temtem in their squad. The co-op party must defeat this tamer to receive the rewards. There is no automatic healing or level scaling before this battle occurs so the players' Temtem will maintain the levels, HP, and movesets that are selected upon readying up for the battle. During the battle, the player will only be able to control the three Temtem that they brought to the battle. Of particular note this means that an individual player must have one of their Temtem on the field in order to utilise healing items within their backpack as resources are not shared in this battle.

ArchTamer Sanctum[edit]

Points of Interest[edit]

TP Token Dispenser[edit]

UI-Map Icon Temporium.png TP Token Dispenser

Memorial Mall[edit]

Radar Vendor[edit]

See Temtem Radar for specific radar prices

UI-Map Icon Temporium.png Radar Vendor
Radar Box.png
300 Feathers.png
Temtem Radar.png
Varying Feathers.png

Enhancements Vendor[edit]

Soulful Souldad[edit]

UI-Map Icon Temporium.png Soulful Souldad
1,300 Feathers.png

Chamber of Heroes[edit]

The Chamber of Heroes is a massive, single-room building that houses a statue of the character of every player who backed that game at the Founder tier and above during the game's Kickstarter phase.

Side Quests[edit]