Coda: The Jubilee

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Coda: The Jubilee
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Carlos
Requirements Started Coda: The Archtamers
Reward Weekly battle against Archtamers

Coda: The Jubilee is a side quest and is started automatically after talking to Carlos in the Coda: The Archtamers Main quest.


  • Did Nalla go back to the Vumbi Dojo?
  • Talk Nalla out of her retirement at Nuru Lodge.
  • Catch a Koish in Nuru Lodge and show it to Nalla.
  • Bring Nalla a bottle of Vumbi ogogoro.
  • Search Nalla's house in Vumbi for something useful.
  • Find Nalla's loved one by the steps of Uhuru.
  • Rejoin Nalla and Manyara at the Nuru Lodge.
  • Challenge Archtamer Nalla in Tamer's Paradise!


After talking to Carlos about the Archtamers, he will point you in the direction of the Vumbi Dojo, where Nalla might have returned to. Once there, ask Musa if Nalla has been to the Dojo and he will tell you that she was there briefly to say hi, and that he thought she would ask for her Dojo back, which he would have been fine handing back as he only stepped up during the Belsoto invasion. He goes on to say that she didn't ask for the Dojo back and that she seemed happy to not ask for it back and she was going on a long holiday. You ask if he know's where she has gone and he tells you to try Nuru Lodge. When you ask if he is going to be taking a holiday, he tells you that he's too busy reorganizing the Dojo, and that Tihani is changing the way the Congress works so that they are always aware of what is going on.

Head over to the lodge and you find Nalla standing on one of the bridges. When you start talking to her, she tells you not to scare off the Koish and asks what you want. You can ask her what she's doing there, she tells you that with the events of the Belsoto invasion and behind held captive in Braeside Castle's dungeons, she has had more than enough proof that she is overdue retirement. After returning to Vumbi and seeing Musa's work with the Dojo, she felt this confirmed that she can now retire. She thanks you for dropping by to say hi, but that she is not "going back" and that she id stepping down as Dojo master, and also as an Archtamer. You try to cajole her into thinking about not retiring when she tells you that you cannot change her mind by giving her a Temtem, beating her in a battle, or by saying the right thing, and that this is not a quest in a video game. She instead suggests that you try fishing and that it may help give you some peace of mind.

Trying to think of a way to coax Nalla out of retirement, you choose to catch a Koish from Nuru Lodge and brag to Nalla, hoping this may persuade her to reconsider her retirement. When you show her that you have already caught the Koish, she at first is happy for you and tells you that she is not a jealous person, but then seems slightly put out and mutters that she could do with some ogogoro. You overhear this and offer to go fetch some from Vumbi for her. Head over to the Prancing Gnu in Vumbi and tell Bahi that you're there to pick it up for Nalla. No matter how you try to convince her, she tells you that she is not giving you any booze without ID.

You think to yourself that you may be able to find something in Nalla's house on the other side of Vumbi. Investigating the drum set finds you your next clue, "For all those summer afternoons in the Uhuru Steps", they were given to Nalla as a present from someone who loves her! Make your way up to Uhuru in search of this person. While asking around, you find Nalla's granddaughter, Manyayra who challenges you to a battle.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Manyara Vulffy.png Lvl. 90 Rhoulder.png Lvl. 90 Yowlar.png Lvl. 90 Momo.png Lvl. 90 Grumper.png Lvl. 90 2500 Pansun.png

After beating her in battle, she asks if you know where Nalla is, and you tell her that she is at Nuru Lodge. She remarks that they were supposed to meet and that Nalla must have lost track of time and she will head over to the lodge to find her, inviting you to join them. Back at the lodge you find them together in the same place you found Nalla, where she is now telling Manyara stories from her past. Wehn the Archtamer notices you there, she starts to tell her granddaughter that you are the person wanting her to go to Tamer's Paradise. After hearing this news Manyara urges her nan to go to the new island and to take her too, after which they disappear.

Once you have completed Coda: Poisoned Legacy and persuaded the other three Archtamers to join Nalla in Tamer's Paradise, you are able to challenge them to a battle, one after the other!