Angry Kami

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Angry Kami
Angry Kami.png
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Yoko
Requirements Access to the Ryokan
Reward Hacked Microchip
Access to the Digital Kami Shrine

Angry Kami is a Side Quest.


Speak to Yoko on top level of Neoedo, to the right of Nanto Labs.


  • Consult with the hermit.
  • Buy a barrel of sake for an offering to the spirits.
  • Bring the offering to the shrine in Neoedo.
  • Enter the Neodo Shrine and honor the spirits.
  • Inform Yoko of the return of the spirits.


Consult with the hermit.[edit]

Speak to the Hermit on an islet East of the Hashimoto Ryokan. (Crystal Skates not required.)

Buy a barrel of sake for an offering to the spirits.[edit]

Enter the Hashimoto Ryokan and speak to the Master to receive a Barrel of Sake.

Bring the offering to the shrine in Neoedo.[edit]

Return to Neoedo and speak to Yoko once again.

Enter the Neodo Shrine and honor the spirits.[edit]

Enter the Digital Kami Shrine and battle the researchers there.
Remember that you can only have Digital Temtem on your team.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Digital Designer Halzhi.png Lvl. 65 Oree.png Lvl. 70 0b1.png Lvl. 70 885 Pansun.png
Digital Technologist Loatle.png Lvl. 75 Waspeen.png Lvl. 75 Hedgine.png Lvl. 75 Cycrox.png Lvl. 75 1392 Pansun.png
Digital Developer Molgu.png Lvl. 68 Zaobian.png Lvl. 68 0b10.png Lvl. 68 Chromeon.png Lvl. 68 Koish Digital.png Lvl. 68 1942 Pansun.png
Digital QA Mimit.png Lvl. 65 Cycrox.png Lvl. 65 Tuwire.png Lvl. 70 Pupoise.png Lvl. 85 Mimit.png Lvl. 65 Mimit.png Lvl. 65 2530 Pansun.png

Inform Yoko of the return of the spirits.[edit]

Speak to Yoko outside the shrine.



Yoko informs the player that the researchers of Nanto Labs built machinery in the Digital Kami Shrine, and that the kami became angry and stopped it from working. Yoko would rather solve this problem without involving Dr. Sasaya, her boss, so she asks the player to assist the researchers by speaking to the Hermit priest. Since having an argument with the big man of Miyako Village, the Priest has become a hermit, and she usually roams the Pillars of Highabove.

The Hermit wants to be left alone to meditate, but will consent to speak to the player about the shrine. She claims that the shrine itself never held any true power, and that the shrine's power actually came from the Electric spirits of Cipanku until the researchers meddled with it. By bringing Digital Temtem to the shrine, they inadvertantly caused a turf war. To appease the spirits, an offering of sake and a show of goodwill is needed.

After collecting the Barrel of Sake (who knew the spirits needed a whole barrel?) from the Hashimoto Ryokan's Master, who expresses his concerns that the player is underage, the player brings the offering to the shrine in order to appease the spirits. The player hands the Barrel of Sake to Yoko and then proceeds to battle the researchers in the shrine to honor the spirits and introduce them to their new Digital friends.

With the spirits appeased by the battles, the player informs Yoko that the power of the shrine has been once again restored. All in a day's work!