Freeing bandits

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Freeing bandits
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Xolot Reservoir
Starting NPC Tokatl
Requirements None
Reward TC018: Major Slash

Freeing bandits is a side quest and is begun by talking to Tokatl in the south Xolot Reservoir. Throughout the quest, the player steals a cell key and frees a wrongfully imprisoned bandit. After reuniting the siblings, Tokatl teaches them a bandit secret.


  • Get the prison key from the off-duty Smith.
  • Free Tlaloc from the prison.
  • Rejoin Tlaloc and Tokatl in the Xolot island.


The player can start the quest after defeating Tokatl by talking to her. Then the player talks to the Drunk Smith in the bottom-right corner at the Jaguar Lounge in Quetzal. They free Tlaloc at the Prison of Quetzal by talking to her, and then return to Tokatl in the Reservoir.



When the player encounters Tokatl in the Xolot Reservoir, she assumes they work for Captain Koli and have come to kidnap her, like they kidnapped Tlaloc. Even if they do not wear a Guard uniform, she feels threatened and attacks them. After defeat, she assumes they will take her to imprison her, but when they do not, she believes they do not work for Koli. She apologizes.

She asks for help from the player, since they can reach Quetzal. She explains her sister, Tlaloc, has been unjustly imprisoned. Surface bandits want to live free and separate from those from Quetzal, but Captain Koli's men captured Tlaloc, calling her an "outlaw". Tokatl suggests trying to steal the cell key from a Smith who makes all the keys, and tells the player that she spends her after-work hours at the Jaguar Lounge.

At the lounge, the player encounters the Smith, drunk, and easily nicks the key off their persons. In the prison, Tlaloc pines her time, but they inform her of the escape plan, unlock the door, and she slips away. Captain Koli panics, and asks them if they saw what happened. He makes a remark about stepping up the safety conditions of the cells to keep people from waltzing out so easily as the player leaves.

Meeting with the siblings back in the Reservoir, Tokatl notes that they are not like Captain Koli after all. She usually does not share her fighting techniques with outsiders, but makes an exception with them.