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Quest Type Side
Starting Location Mokupuni or The Flywalk
Starting NPC Paparazzo or Visesia
Requirements Lift key
Reward Pillow

Paparazzo is a side-quest started in Mokupuni. It involves around the player taking photos of the celebrity-character Visesia. It can be started by speaking either to her or to Paparazzo. Finishing the quest awards you a Pillow.

To find Visesia in Citerior Omninesia you need to advance the main storyline by completing the Dojo of Mokupuni. Once this dojo is complete you will earn the elevator key. With the elevator key in hand you can ride the Cableway on the westside of the island. This allows you to go to the Citerior Omninesia. In this area is The Flywalk.


Speak with the Paparazzo, he is just near the Miniporium in Mokupuni. He will give you an Elevator Key.

This quest can be done in reverse by first speaking to Visesia in The Flywalk. If you start the quest here you only need to speak with the Paparazzo.


  1. Locate the famous Visesia in Citerior Omninesia
  2. Talk to Paparazzo.