Coda: The Rogue

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Coda: The Rogue
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Carlos
Requirements Started Coda: The Archtamers
Reward Weekly battle against Archtamers
Paharo Radar

Coda: The Rogue is a side quest and is started automatically after talking to Carlos in the Coda: The Archtamers Main quest.


  • Ask around the Neoedo airship terminal for Stowaway.
  • The owner of the izakaya was chasing Stowaway...
  • Pay Stowaway's debt at the izakaya with an Aohi.
  • Investigate Paharo Drop, near Arissola.
  • Temtem up with David at Paharo Drop.
  • The Stowaway wanted to taste the Greenglen Forest mushroom stew...
  • Stowaway was seen running towards the Burned Woodlands...
  • Stowaway was seen heading to Braeside Castle...
  • Challenge Archtamer Stowaway in Tamer's Paradise!


After talking to Carlos about the Archtamers, he will point you in the direction of the Neoedo airship terminal to look for the Stowaway. Once there you need to talk to someone wearing a pink-accented outfit, Naoko, who saw the elusive Archtamer running through the terminal, being chased by a person called Toshihiro before he disappeared. You can ask some questions about where he was going or which airship he got on, but Naoko can't give you any more information. Asking who Toshihiro is gets you your first real lead, he's the owner of the izakaya, the bar in Neoedo.

Make your way into Neoedo and speak to Toshihiro, and he immediately thinks that you are friends with the Stowaway. As it turns out, the Archtamer dine-and-dashed! In order to get bar owner to tell you where to look next, you need to pay of the debt of 5,000 Pansuns.png the Stowaway left behind, by giving him an Aohi. After handing over the Aohi, he tells you he didn't see where the Stowaway disappeared to, but he did overhear the Archtamer mention visiting Paharo Drop, just south of Arissola.

Head over to Deniz and make you way to Paharo Drop, where you find a Tamer called David waiting for you. After a brief chat where he explains you knew each other years earlier before he had his Apprentice's Eve you will have a battle for old time's sake.

Tamer Temtem Reward
David Granpah.png Lvl. 75 Capyre.png Lvl. 76 Molgu.png Lvl. 77 Tulcan.png Lvl. 78 Akranox.png Lvl. 79 Seismunch.png Lvl. 80 3000 Pansun.png

After winning this battle, David gifts you a Paharo Radar and askes if you came all this way looking for the Stowaway. He then tells you that the Archtamer wanted a taste of mushroom stew in Greenglen Forest so you continue you search in Arbury. Make your way to The Prancing Minox Inn to find Molly, the latest victim of the Stowaway's dine-and-dash antics. She will tell you that Daisy, the owner of the inn, spotted the Stowaway leaving to the North-East.

To the North-East of Greenglen Forest, you will find the Burned Woodlands. About halfway through this route, you find Mushroomer Jessie who tells you that she saw the Stowaway run past with a man chasing after him, and that they were heading towards the cave that links the Burned Woodlands to Braeside Castle. Venture through the cave and into the castle, down in to the dungeons. Searching the cells, you find the Stowaway locked in the same cell Nalla was trapped in by Clan Belsoto. After asking him how he was trapped in the cell and discussing how you are going to release him, the Stowaway promises to meet you on Tamer's Paradise for a battle.

Once you have completed Coda: Poisoned Legacy and persuaded the other three Archtamers to join the Stowaway in Tamer's Paradise, you are able to challenge them to a battle, one after the other!



  • David, the tamer who gives you the Paharo radar is smvid4, an official Temtem Discord moderator.