Coda: The Peacemaker

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Coda: The Peacemaker
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Neoedo
Starting NPC Carlos
Requirements Started Coda: The Archtamers
Reward Weekly battle against Archtamers

Coda: The Peacemaker is a side quest and is started automatically after talking to Carlos in the Coda: The Archtamers Main quest.


  • See if Naolin is at his hut in the Corrupted Badlands?
  • Defeat the bandits looting Naolin's hut.
  • Search Naolin's hut for clues.
  • Yareni might know Naolin's whereabouts...
  • Join Naolin's mission at the Bandit Hideout.
  • Ask Sugey for help with the surface dwellers
  • Convince captain Koli to grant the surfacers access to Quetzal.
  • Speak to Guildmaster Jatziri about integrating the surfacers.
  • Get back to Naolin.
  • Challenge Archtamer Naolin in Tamer's Paradise!


After talking to Carlos about the Archtamers, he will point you in the direction of the Corrupted Badlands, suggesting that Naolin may have returned to his home after helping defeat Clan Belsoto. Make your way to the surface of Tucma and into his hut, where you will find two Surface Looters in the process of stealing his possessions. When you ask them where Naolin is, they tell you they don't know and that they've been waiting for an opportunity to steal from him, before starting a battle with you.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Surface Looter
Surface Looter 2
Platimous.png Lvl. 90 Granpah.png Lvl. 90 Nessla.png Lvl. 90

Scaravolt.png Lvl. 90 Saipat.png Lvl. 90

2500 Pansun.png

After defeating them, they disappear and you start searching the hut for clues about where the Archtamer could have gone to. Looking in the oven you find a scrap of paper, but all you can make out is "--ission of great imp--", "--ojo Mas--", "--ickly to Quet--", and the signature, "--Yaren--". You are sure that Yareni is the one who sent the message, and wonder how she is involved before heading across the island, into the city of Quetzal.

When you speak to Yareni she reminisces about the first time you met, when she thought you were Max. She mentions that after Captain Koli refused her offer to step down as Dojo Master for Tucma, she has taken a step back and while she still trains the tamers of the Dojo, she lets Koli deal with matters for the Congress. You ask her if she sent a note to the Archtamer, to which she says she did, but expresses surprise you know about it, going on to mention that he was sent on a mission for Tucma, if not the entire Archipelago! When you ask for more detail, you are told that Tihani suggested to the Dojo Masters to call a meeting of their local tamers and discuss what can be donw to help the Congress and avoid another Clan Belsoto situation. She then tells you that most of the Tucmani recruits for the Belsoto were from the surface dwellers, bandits and scavengers of the badlands. In order to understand why, she sent Naolin to them, as he has lived near them for so many years, they have some respect for the Archtamer. She tells you that you should be able to find Naolin atop the tall crags in Xolot Reservoir, the Bandit Hideout.

Head back onto the surface of Tucma and to the hideout, where you find Naolin, only as you start talking to him, it turns out that he was expecting you! He explains that he understands that with you defeating Clan Belsoto with the help of the Four Archtamers, you would not miss a chance to challenge them and prove yourself as Archtamer material. He then goes on to tell you that he is currently is delicate discussion with the surface dwellers, and that now is the time to heal wounds and help prevent any future conflict. He tells you Tihani knew this too, which is why she sent him on the mission, but that he is not only there to end conflict between the surface dwellers and citizens of Quetzal, he believes it is time for Tucma to come toghether as one people again. You mention that surface dwellers are in need of water and that the closest source is the Kakama Cenote, but that it means crossing the toxic Xolot Reservoir, which is something you have experience dealing with. The topic of access to the city is also brought up and that you will need to convince Captain Koli to allow this, and furthermore persuading the Guilds of Quetzal to also open their doors to them.

With a couple of new tasks from the Archtamer, visit Sugey in the Xolot Reservoir. She will ask if the Acid-Proof Surfboard is still holding up when you tell her that you were going to ask her to make more boards, letting her know that the reason you need them is to help the surfacers and so they can access the Kakama Cenote. She asks if the Yareni and the Guilds are ok with this, to which you tell her that Naolin is brokering a peace between the two communities of Tucma. She agrees that peace is needed and that if the Guilds can supply the boards, she can then acid-proof them. Once agreed, you next have to speak to Koli about giving the surface dwellers access to the city.

Make your way through Quetzal and the Mines of Mictlan, into the Prison of Quetzal to find Captain Koli. As soon as you start talking to him, he tells you that the answer is still no! He understands that Yareni, Naolin, and the Congress have good intentions in their desire to open the city, but argues that he know the surfacers better than they do and that he does not want them having free access to roam the city. You try your best to convince him, and even if you manage to convince him by using his own argument about working together against him, he still says that he needs to convince a lot of people in the city that this is the right decision to make, and asks that you fight him. He reasons that if you defeat him, he will be able to tell people he is honor-bound to try this new arrangement.

Tamer Temtem Reward
Captain Koli Nidrasil.png Lvl. 90 Myx.png Lvl. 90 Cycrox.png Lvl. 90 Shuine.png Lvl. 90 Mudrid.png Lvl. 90 2500 Pansun.png

After defeating him, he tells you that he feels that this still goes against years of duty, but that he is willing to try it and that if works out that everyone will be safe without needing as many guard patrols. Next up on your list of people to convice is Guildmaster Jatziri, who you can find in Quetzal. She lets you know that they can't take any orders right now as they are too busy, but you instead tell her that Naolin wants to open the city and Guilds up to allow the surface dwellers in. She thinks it is a bold move and has come around quite quickly from the Dojo voting to inegrate them, and agrees to present the idea to the other Guild members, but that some of them will need convincing, especially given you are not Tucmani. You remind her that you are the one that re-opened the Mines of Mictlan, and that you are a rock-hopper, taught by Manki, and that you are a veteran of the Belsoto invasion of Kisiwa, who helped the Tucmani forces that were trapped in the Nuru Lodge, after which she agrees that it is worth a try and she'll convince the Guild members.

Head back to Naolin up at the Bandit Hideout and let him know that all the tasks are complete. He knows that this is just the start, but hopes that this work will help the people of Tucma build a new future together. You ask where he will go next, and he mentions that he was invited to the opening ceremony of Tamer's Paradise, but had to delay due to the importance of his mission. Now that the mission is complete, he will make his way to the new island, and gifts you two Learning Aid+ before disappearing.

Once you have completed Coda: Poisoned Legacy and persuaded the other three Archtamers to join Naolin in Tamer's Paradise, you are able to challenge them to a battle, one after the other!