Serbatiyo's Wrath (quest)

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Serbatiyo's Wrath (quest)
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Tasa Desert
Starting NPC Mhina
Requirements Water type team
Reward TC023: Serbatiyo's Wrath

Serbatiyo's Wrath (quest) is a side quest and is begun by talking to Mhina in the Tasa Desert or by battling Ige for the side quest Temtemed Out. Throughout the quest, the player learns about an ancient power and visits a Dabmis' Rest. After learning about the Kingdom of the Seaqueen, the player gains access to Serbatiyo's Wrath.


  • Find Mhina in the desert.
  • Buy "Fables of the Isles" at Toussaint Books in Uhuru.
  • Get the book from the bookcase.
  • Find the entrance to the Sea-Queendom.


The player begins by talking to Mhina in the north-west Tasa Desert. Mhina will not talk to the player until they complete the The Battle of Uhuru: fight your way to the terminal! objective of the main quest The Battle of Kisiwa. Then they go to talk to Mavuto, the bookseller at Toussaint Books, and then investigates the bookshelf immediately right of him.

The player must then travel to the Aguamarina Caves in Deniz, and find Dabmis' Rest.

You must bring a team of entirely WATER creatures in order to battle the Sea-Queen Maid and progress the quest.

After they defeat the Sea-Queen Maid, they can talk to her and ask for the Training Course for Serbatiyo's Wrath.



After the end of the war, Mhina in the desert would love to sit and enjoy some tea and dates with the player. He would love to entertain them with a story, but only knows the tale of the tale of the Sea-Queen. They are an obvious Denizan, and so Mhina recognizes that they must already know the story. He does not tell it. For further information on old fables, he recommends "Fables of the Isles" at Toussaint Books in Uhuru.

At the bookstore, the bookseller Mavuto tells they player where to find the book in the store. They read "And the priestesses tasked with guarding the gates of Her Nestqueendom are said to have kept 'the Serbatiyo's Wrath' from the rest of the world...", and "... tucked away in the cavernous formations north of Briçal de Mar, high over the petreous gates...". The player concludes the location must be the Aguamarina Caves, and so heads there to investigate.

There, the player finds Dabmis' Rest, and battles a Sea-Queen maid. After defeating her with a team of Temtem with Water type, she concludes them a worthy tamer. They ask about Serbatiyo's Wrath. The maid calls them a Knower of mysteries, and teaches them the secrets.