Lost Grandpa

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Lost Grandpa
Lost Grandpa.png
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Ryokan
Starting NPC Hana
Requirements Reaquire Crystal Skates
Reward Tinfoil Hat

Lost Grandpa is a Side Quest.


Speak to Hana in the Hashimoto Ryokan, to the right of the Rice Fields.


  • Search for the lost grandad, near the Mines of Mictlan.
  • Rescue Akihiko from the Mines.
  • Reunite with Hana and Akihiko at the Ryokan.


Search for the lost grandad, near the Mines of Mictlan.[edit]

Speak to ??? in the southernmost part of the Mines of Mictlan. Incorrect choices do not matter here, just keep trying until you rescue him. If you have difficulty, remember:

  • His granddaughter's name is Hana, and she's waiting for him in Cipanku, in the Ryoken.
  • To get out of the skating area, you should go north, then west.

Rescue Akihiko from the Mines.[edit]

Speak to Akihiko again and keep trying to select the right answers:

  • 3
  • 2 - First, we'll skate north...
  • 1 - ...then west, towards the city.
  • 3 - Then you take a 'ship to Cipanku.
  • 2 - Because your granddaughter is waiting for you!
  • 3 - No, at the Ryokan.

Reunite with Hana and Akihiko at the Ryokan.[edit]

Travel back to the Ryokan and speak to Hana once more. Hana will reward the player with the Tinfoil Hat.



Hana's grandfather was supposed to meet her in the yesterday. He used to travel a lot, but after Hana's grandmother passed away, he doesn't feel like traveling anymore. Hana encouraged him to travel more and convinced him to meet here in the Inn, but he hasn't shown up yet. He was last seen in Tucma, where he used to love skating with his wife in the crystal fields south of the city. He wanted to go there one last time before meeting Hana. Hana asks the player to locate her grandfather, but not to tell him she sent the player, as he'll get grumpy if he thinks she was worried about him.

Turns out that Akihiko's Crystal Skates broke... well, at least he didn't lose them in an airship crash for months. The player kindly helps the elderly man both with getting off the Crystal and with his memory.

Hana is very grateful that you've helped her grandfather, but her grandfather continues to stubbornly insist that he didn't need rescuing. Hana decides to give you the Tinfoil Hat as a reward, though her grandfather protests that that was his favorite hat.