Crystal Skates

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Crystal Skates
A pair of crystal skates, ideal for maneuvering slippery surfaces.
Category Key
Subcategory Regular
Usage Passive

Crystal Skates is a Key Item.


Crystal skates are given to you by Carlos during the Adventure in the Myrisles quest, after you infiltrate the Giant Banyan.

When the Narwhal crashes and the player ends up in Tucma, the Crystal Skates are lost, along with the rest of the player's equipment. The other items are reacquired nearby or later in Tucma, but the Crystal Skates are never found.

The Crystal Skates are reobtained in Cipanku. After defeating Dr. Sasaya at the Neoedo Dojo and meeting with her and Carlos in Onsenshima, they can be found in the locker where the player received the Onsenshima Set.


  • Upon losing the skates, the player temporarily loses access to the Anak Volcano and parts of the Aguamarina Caves, as well as certain other sections on Omninesia.
  • As of patch 0.5.10, losing the Crystal Skates no longer prevents the player from obtaining the Four-leaf Clover in Aguamarina Caves.
  • In the moment the player reobtains the Crystal Skates, a rainbow appears on the screen.