Adventure in the Myrisles

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Adventure in the Myrisles
Quest Type Main
Previous Quests Flight of the Narwhal
Next Quest A trip to Kisiwa...
Starting Location Nanga
Requirements ?
Reward Elevator Key
Signed Authorization
Belsoto grunt uniform
Crystal skates
Fire Chip

Adventure in the Myrisles is the third main quest in the game and is after the first arrival on Omninesia at Nanga. Throughout the quest, the player beats both Omninesian Dojo Masters, defeats a Belsoto General, and stops a volcanic eruption. After their complete exploration of the Island, they set sail again on the Narwhal to meet up with Carlos on Kisiwa.


  • Find Rawiri at his Dojo in Mokupuni
  • Go to Mokupuni and beat Dojo Master Rawiri
  • Investigate what is going on at the Giant Banyan
  • Ambush the off-duty Belsotos at the pond
  • Meet Carlos outside the Giant Banyan
  • Infiltrate the Giant Banyan
  • Reach the Anak Volcano and stop the eruption
  • Put an end to Dr. Hamijo's dastardly plan!
  • Time to return to Nanga and Check on Tihani...
  • Beat Tihani to prove your mettle
  • Fly to Kisiwa on the Narwhal


The player begins by heading west through Nanga and the Canopath to the Dojo at Mokupuni where the player challenges Rawiri. The player has unlimited attempts at winning this battle.

Upon victory, the player receives the Elevator Key, allowing them to use the Lift Station in west Mokupuni to access Citerior Omninesia. The player talks to Carlos outside the Giant Banyan who instructs the player to go to Ulterior Omninesia and fight the Belsoto grunts in the pool on The Hangroad, giving them the Signed Authorization in order to use the Lift Station again. After defeating them and gaining the Belsoto grunt uniform, they return to the tree, equip the uniform, and enter. With Carlos following, they clear both layers of the tree, kicking out the Belsoto. The Tree becomes locked, and the player cannot reenter. Carlos retrieves a pair of Crystal Skates, allowing the player to investigate the Anak Volcano in Ulterior Omninesia.

Inside the volcano, the player fights a series of grunts, one of which will give the player the gear Fire Chip. They eventually encounter and battle Dr. Hamijo. The player has unlimited attempts at winning this battle.

Upon victory, the player can save the Anahir there, reenter the Giant Banyan, and can challenge Tihani at her Dojo in Nanga.

No. Image Temtem Type Level HP STA SPD ATK DEF SPATK SPDEF Trait Gender
72 161.png Anahir Crystal
33 21 27 20 19 50 23 50 Trauma Female

Next, the player must defeat Tihani at the Nanga Dojo. The player has unlimited attempts at winning this battle.

Upon victory, Tihani gives the player a Deendre which evolves after gaining 1 level.

No. Image Temtem Type Level HP STA SPD ATK DEF SPATK SPDEF Trait Gender
103 Deendre.png Deendre Nature

The player can reboard the Narwhal at the Nanga Airship Terminal to head for Kisiwa.



The Narwhal crew lands in Nanga on Omninesia only for the Port Authority to inform the crew that they cannot get to Kisiwa. The volcano, Anak, has begun erupting, and the winds blow all the ash and smoke towards Kisiwa. It is so thick it creates a navigational hazard for anyone to fly through. The player is not disturbed the news since they have come to hone their tamer skills in Mokupuni. While the player travels through the island, they will encounter the Narwhal crew in various places. Octlana relaxes by walking through the Canopath, Kemal rock-hops through Ulterior Omninesia, and One-Eyed Matthew joins the Nanga Dojo.

The player travels through The Canopath to the village, and confront Rawiri at the Dojo. However, he seems weary. Previously, a group of foreign scientists came in and asked about how to get to the Volcano, stealing his key to the Lift Station.

During the fight, he recognizes the player's moves, and realizes that they really are sent by Sophia. He apologizes for his doubt, and gifts the player the Elevator Key. He also requests that the player investigate something for him: the Giant Banyan, an important place of Omninesian culture. Some out-islanders there have continually harassed locals, and Rawiri must stay at the Dojo. The player courteously agrees, and sets of for Citerior Omninesia.

Although the Cablecar can reach both Citerior and Ulterior Omninesia, access to unauthorized personnel to the Ulterior is denied. The volcano and the eruption's magma, ash, and toxins make the area too dangerous for civilians.

After weaving through the Myrisle jungle, the player reaches the Tree and finds Belsoto guards posted at its entrance, but they are not the only unexpected guests--Carlos lingers nearby, spying from bushes. The investigator from Deniz is working on a case, and informs the player on their situation. The Belsoto are barricaded within the tree, and he has no way of infiltration nor of removing them. However, there is a bright side. A shift change occurs every six hours, and a few grunts head out for relaxation at a pool on the Hangroad in Ulterior Omninesia. Carlos asks the player to catch them off guard there and scavenge for anything useful and gives them an Authorization signed by Tihani, which will permit the player to access the dangerous area. He stays behind to keep an eye on the Belsoto.

The player leaps onto the Hangroad and clears out the pool filled with underdressed Belsoto. Swiping their clothes and traveling back to the Tree, the player reveals to Carlos his findings. The player slips on the uniform and becomes a Belsoto, at least, for now. Together, with the player clearing the way and Carlos skulking behind, they infiltrate the fortress. The disguise works for most of the mission, but near the end two Belsoto guards see through it. Quickly Carlos ducks past the guards and one lieutenant as the player battles them to create a distraction. After he returns, the two flee from the Tree. The Belsoto lock it up behind them.

Outside, Carlos gives a debrief of the mission. First, Lady Lottie resided in the Tree. Second, the Belsoto were linked to the eruption. Third, the Belsoto had purchased all the Crystal Skates on the Island for some unknown reason. Luckily Carlos stole a pair, giving them to the player. He suggests the player investigate the eruption at the Volcano before rushing to his client in Nanga.

The player journeys back to Ulterior Omninesia, through the Glassyway, and into the Volcano to find more Belsoto causing trouble. In the depths of the volcano, they find a scientific Belsoto research team working under a Cipanki man named Dr. Hamijo. A Fire research team created a chip to increase the volcanic pressure in order that the Doctor utilize it on a Temtem, transforming it into something harder--potentially, a new variety of Diamond Type Temtem. He calls the experiments Project Anahir. However, their methods prove immoral as they create an eruption which threatens Omninesia, and torment the Temtem they experiment on. At the heart of the lab, Dr. Hamijo tests on the Anahir in the containment unit, causing it obvious pain. It faints just as the player arrives, who fights Hamijo's genetically-enhanced combat-optimized Temtem, wins, and saves the Anahir. The Doctor escapes.

During the encounter, the Cipanki hints at his identity. For instance, he says he used to live "in the shadows". He reflects on Nanto Labs, where ignorance and obscurantism forestalled his advances, and also mentions his connections to Lady Lottie and their Boss.

With the eruption avoided and the volcano calming down, the player can meet up with Carlos and Tihani at the Nanga Dojo. There, the player walks in on Carlos debriefing Tihani on his discoveries. Carlos refers to her as his client, and Tinahi reveals Dr. Hamijo was previously kicked out of Nanto Labs in his past before the two of them notice the player approaching and address them. They then continue to discuss how strange it is that Dr. Hamijo, a Cipanki renegade scientist, and Lady Lottie, a disgraced Arburian aristo, would work together on an unknown project. Project Anahir in the volcano likely fell into a part of a larger plan, but it is unlikely the two organized something like this on their own. Someone must be coordinating them, but who?

They acknowledge the size of Clan Belsoto and their schemes and discuss a solution call the ArchTamers. Tihani wants to raise four ArchTamers, and knows where to find at least one. Carlos has a lead on another in Arbury, and invites the player to come with him there. However, Tihani confides a contact in Kisiwa has been reporting suspicious activity for a while. She thought it was nothing but now realizes it was worth investigating. Although Carlos suggests that he go to Arbury and the player go to Kisiwa to meet the contact, Tihani hesitates; she struggles to put the player in harm's way again. The only way she would permit the player to assist is if they beat her in a Temtem fight in her Dojo.

Inside the Dojo, Tihani does not hold back in combat. She needs to know the player can fight hard and dirty, but upon their victory, she feels less anxious about sending them on the mission. With advice not to trust anyone, and to follow their instincts, she sends the player off to Kisiwa to find her contact and see what information they have on the Belsoto, and then liaise with Carlos in Uhuru. Before they leave her, she gives the player a Deendre she bred and trained herself.

With clear skies ahead, the player boards the Narwhal again, set for Kisiwa.