A Rock Too Far

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A Rock Too Far
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Kupeleleza
Starting NPC Zulia
Requirements None
Reward TC015: Footwork

A Rock Too Far is a Side Quest.


Speak with Zulia at Kupeleleza.


  • Report the missing kid to the Lifeguard!
  • Talk to Zulia again
  • Find Yaba's friend, a girl named Tochtli
  • Give the bad news to Zulia
  • Ask the tracker to help you find Yaba.
  • Find Yaba at the eastern tip of Kupeleleza being held captured by a pair of bandits.
  • Get back to Zulia for your reward


After defeating Zulia in Kupeleleza, the player heads east to talk to the Lifeguard, and then returns to Zulia. Then, by heading west from Zulia, the player goes north to find Tichotli. If they have not fought her, they must first defeat her. They then talk to her, and then returns to Zulia. Then, by returning to Tichotli and heading east, they find the Stoneskip Club and talk to Tetzauyo, next to the Mudrid. The player must choose the following dialogue options to successfully deduce Yaba's location.

  1. Either option is acceptable.
  2. (bot) A Hidody?
  3. (mid) A Mudrid?
  4. (mid) Surface bandits?
  5. (bot) I should go explore the ledge.

The player then travels to the far east of Kupeleleza and fights two bandits.

Tamers Temtem Reward
Bandit Lapinite.png Lvl. 23 Azuroc.png Lvl. 33 Azuroc.png Lvl. 43 428 Pansun.png

After defeating the two, the player returns to Zulia.



The player encounters a woman named Zulia who calls for her seven-year-old son Yaba to come meet them. She says he was playing with Tochtli a second ago, and he should come out any moment. A Temtem fight might entice him to come out, so the two have a duel. Afterwords, he still has not returned, and so Zulia begins to worry. The player agrees to find the boy for her and Zulia stays where she is in case he comes back, but she recommends first talking to the lifeguard.

The Lifeguard has nothing to offer except that Yaba was playing with Tichotli a while ago in the north-west. Reporting back to Zulia, she exclaims that was not helpful. She describes Tichotli to the player so that they can more easily find her.

Tichotli will not talk to the player until after a Temtem battle, but then explains their search for Yaba. They were racing each other a while ago, but Yaba disappeared. The player goes back to inform Zulia, who decides to involve an expert Temtem tracker. Although she does not know where the tracker is, she knows they are in Kupeleleza somewhere.

The player finds Tetzauyo the tracker inside the Stoneskip Club. He offers his servicies to the player, and the two work together to examine the clues. They examine footprints belonging to Yaba and Tichotli, and footprints belonging to a Hidody. They deduce deep, thin grooves in the ground as marks of a Mudrid. However, the tracks ended abruptly, interupted by two sets of heavy boots who headed south-east and then east. The tracker concludes that Yaba must have been kindnapped by surface bandits, and encourages the player to move quickly.

Two bandits guarding Yaba are discussing a getting a ransom for him before the player arrives. They tell the player to leave, calling them a mine-worm, and then attack. After the player defeats them, they decide to forget about their captive and flee. Uninjured Yaba returns to his mother. Back in safety, Yaba thanks the player for saving him. If he had not been saved, he fears they might have taken Tichotli next. Zulia thanks the player for finding her son, but does not have anything of value with her. Instead of a gift, she teaches the player how to safely rock-hop, including mastering balance, and always having perfect footing.

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