Message in a Bottle

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Disambig.png This article is about the quest. For the item of the same name, see Message in a bottle (Item).
Message in a Bottle
Quest Type Side
Starting Location Sillaro River
Starting NPC None, item pick-up
Requirements Surfboard
Reward Revive

Needs Desc


Interact with the sparkles in the surf just off the strip of land in the Sillaro River. Same land that has the Pendant for Gone with the Sillaro.


  • Consult with Carlos in Briçal.
    • Carlos is west of Briçal de Mar on the small island in Indigo Lake
    • If you advance the main story you will not find Carlos in Briçal de Mar but his assistant who is there in his place will direct you to talk to Old Despina in Turquesa.
  • Interrogate Despina at her Turquesa townhouse.
    • Old Despina is on the pier, in the house to the right of Eidolon Beauty.
    • Old Despina will recognize the handwriting as belonging to Berat.
  • Talk to lovelorn Berat in Zadar.
    • Take the message in a bottle to Berat in Zadar. He will take it and run off to Old Despina's.
  • See if Despina and Berat are doing well...
    • Return to Old Despina's for 1x Revive.